Catering & Cakes Seminars

Catering & Cakes Seminars

The Dark Side Of Wedding Catering: What To Do When You Get Blamed For Everything - Catering Specialty Speaker

If something goes wrong, it's always your fault. Other wedding pros think you are too controlling. They don't understand that any misstep will reflect on your catering business.

  • Staff training that eliminates headaches
  • How to fix the problem - without taking the blame
  • What to do when the wedding is cancelled

Culinary Trends On Wheels: 2017 Food Truck Inspired Bites - Catering Specialty Speaker

What's not to love about local, fun, and trendy cuisine? You don't have to buy a van and hit the streets to take advantage of creative cooking for your wedding catering business.

  • Locate the best gourmet ingredients in your area
  • Nostalgic childhood favorites, all grown-up
  • Snack attack ideas with big profit margins

A Brief History Of Time: Wedding Timeline Secrets Of Top Caterers - Catering Specialty Speaker

Timing is everything. One wrong move and your schedule is blown.

  • Create timelines that reduce stress
  • Small timeline differences that make a big impact
  • Experienced caterers share their unsurpassed timelines

Preferential Treatment: Guide To Getting Onto Preferred Venue Lists - Catering Specialty Speaker

For caterers, big money is in the relationships you form. Are preferred vendor fees typical? How does joint marketing work best?

  • Hidden reasons the venue didn't ask you back
  • Smart ways to get a stack of venue referrals
  • Find venues with the best ROI

All Shook Up: Curated Cocktail And Food Pairings - Catering Specialty Speaker

Cocktails and cuisine have always mingled, but finding an ideal match can be a challenge. Food paired with the right drink just tastes better. Construct a culinary experience that livens up your wedding and special event menus.

  • Ingredient-based intelligence
  • Modern pairing charts
  • The science behind food matching

Insta-Flair: Instagram Tricks That Turn Fans Into Customers - Catering Specialty Speaker

Instagram's top caterers describe their food as simple, seasonal, and delicious. What's your company's story?

  • Lighting techniques for better food photos
  • Which hashtags/geotags get you noticed by actual customers
  • Find your voice through video

Mr. And Mrs. Robot: Automated Systems For Caterers - Catering Specialty Speaker

Most caterers don't have the manpower to do everything. Sometimes emails get missed, sales calls get put off, and details slip through the cracks. There is a better way.

  • Eliminate this time suck that can zap your time and creativity
  • Tools to automate procedures in your day to day
  • Top-performing venue logistics uncovered

Sugar Coated Lies: What She Really Wants In A Wedding Cake - Catering Specialty Speaker

Wedding cakes have become status symbols for the wedding day. Three tiers of white fondant adorned with sugar flowers doesn't cut it. She pins hundreds of cake masterpieces and wants you to recreate a $10,000 cake for $500.00.

  • How to manage her inflated expectations
  • Cake trend reports
  • Sweet inspirations