Catering & Cakes Seminars

Catering & Cakes Seminars

Sugar Coated Trends: What She Really Wants In A Wedding Cake - Lynnette MacDonald, SWIRL Cakes & Cupcakes

Wedding cakes have become the status symbols of the wedding day. Three tiers of white fondant adorned with sugar flowers don’t cut it anymore. She pins hundreds of cake masterpieces and wants you to recreate a $10,000 cake for $500.00.

  • How to manage her inflated expectations
  • Cake and trend reports
  • Sweet inspirations

Multiplicity: Hire, Train, And Motivate Sales Staff - Meryl Snow

Don’t you wish you could clone yourself so you could lead every single sales appointment? How do you teach your staff to love your business as much as you do?

  • Interview questions that uncover real truths
  • Effective training techniques
  • How to motivate your sales team

Caterers' Challenge: Caterers' Guide To Venue Site Inspections - Roy Porter, Activities Director Engage Works and Catersource Ambassador

Your reputation is everything. If the onsite refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, if birds attack your bread baskets, and if guests trip over your extension cords you are held responsible.

  • Insider tips to a more thorough site tour
  • Amenities that matter
  • Alternative solutions

Look Who's Coming To Dinner: How To Set Your Tables In Less Than An Hour - Roy Porter, Activities Director, Engage Works and Catersource Ambassador

Hurry up. Guests will be back from cocktail hour in fifty minutes. Do you have what it takes complete the task seamlessly?

  • What to do when the planner wants you to set all non-food items too
  • The common labor mistakes you can avoid
  • Checklist to keep you ahead of schedule

Fractured Fairytales: Even Cinderella Had A Timeline - Reuben Bell & Fausto Pifferrer, Blue Elephant Events And Catering

The photographer takes too long, resulting in a cold main dish. The mother-in-law arranges a ‘surprise’ opera singer that delays the opening to your dessert stations. How do you ensure your timeline gets followed despite the unknowns?

  • Sample timelines that outperform traditional timelines
  • Disasters averted...alternative plans
  • Answers to your most pressing timeline questions

Supersize Me: Expand Your Venue And Catering Business Now - Bill Zaruka, President, Wedgwood Weddings And Catering

Do you wish you could build upon the success of your current business by opening another location? It takes courage, know-how, and a mentor that has been there… done that.

  • When, where, and how to open additional locations
  • Employee bonus systems
  • Supplier discounts

Trends A La Carte: The Now Foods And Beverage - Michael Stavros, Director Of Business Development, M Culinary Concepts

What do nearlyweds want in their wedding menus? Watch for the hottest food trends that will fill up your Instagram feed and stomach.

  • Trends from around the world
  • Reinventing the classics
  • Food photos that will make you melt

Speed Sales: Attract Catering Clients Faster - Jamie Quickert, Lancer Catering

Selling weddings is like speed dating. You must get the bride to fall in love with you and your catering company in 60 seconds or less. Forget the old days of elevator pitches. Wedding couples don't want to be sold to.

  • How to read your customers
  • What you don't know about first impressions
  • How to sell your menu