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Mirror Branding

Mirror Branding

Sarah Ancalmo

The Power Of Being ‘The Face’ Of Your Business

Secretary Of State

Secretary Of State

Wedding MBA

Turn Past Brides Into Your Ambassadors

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory

Susan Southerland

Organization For Creative Minds

Return To Sender

Return To Sender

Marc McIntosh

Create Better Emails

Hunting Season

Hunting Season

Wedding MBA

Off-Season Marketing Ideas For Wedding Pros

Bidding Wars

Bidding Wars

Bethel Nathan

Price Lists From Real Wedding Pros

Let's Make A Deal

Let's Make A Deal

Wedding MBA

Closing The Sale Faster

The Real Outlaws Of Madison Avenue

The Real Outlaws Of Madison Avenue

Wedding MBA

Disruptive Online Advertising Design

The Pitch

The Pitch

Rob Ferre

Script Sales Done Right

The Temptations

The Temptations

Wed Talk

Contract Employees

Family Matters

Family Matters

Wedding MBA

Your New Work/Life Balance

Imagination Station

Imagination Station

Ron Ruth,

Creativity Lab For Wedding Pros

Trophy Couples

Trophy Couples

Wedding MBA

Selling To Entitled Millennials

I Know A Guy

I Know A Guy

Wedding MBA

Tips To Get More Vendor Referrals



Jennifer Trotter

Overcome Sales Objections

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

Alan Berg CSP

Playbook For Diffusing Difficult Situations

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Wedding MBA

Stop The Spread Of Mediocre Reviews

Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

Jason Hennessey

High-Converting Landing Pages That Sell

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Sasha Souza

Humanize Your Online Brand

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

Ms. Candy Blog

Live Streaming On Social Media

Return To Sender

Return To Sender

Marc McIntosh

Create Better Emails

Game Of Phones

Game Of Phones

Wedding MBA

Mobile Metrics That Track Results

The Real Outlaws Of Madison Avenue

The Real Outlaws Of Madison Avenue

Wedding MBA

Disruptive Online Advertising Design

DIY Domination

DIY Domination

Lindsay Barrows

Do it Yourself Design Videos That Get You The Bookings

Snap To It

Snap To It

Wed Talk

Take Great Marketing Photos With Your iPhone

Snappy Stories

Snappy Stories

Tabitha McCausland

Advanced Snapchat Storytelling

Oh Snap

Oh Snap

Tabitha McCausland


Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

Wedding MBA

Mobile Metrics That Track Results

Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

Jason Hennessey

High-converting Landing Pages That Sell

Picket Fences

Picket Fences

David Caruso

2017 Retro Inspired Trends

A World Of Color

A World Of Color

Heather Benge

Palette Showstoppers

Silver Screen

Silver Screen

Wedding MBA

Oscar-Worthy Style

Imagination Station

Imagination Station

Ron Ruth

Creativity Lab For Wedding Pros


Wedding Officiant Seminars

Wedding Officiant Seminars

The Dark Side Of Being A Wedding Officiant

What To Do When You Get Blamed For Ceremony Mishaps - Clint Hufft

Open Mic

Writer's Block

Custom Ceremony Structures And Verbiage - Reverend Thomas

Each wedding comes complete with a story about the couple. How do you keep the focus on them without stealing the spotlight?

  • Engaging new ideas for ceremony content
  • Sample wedding couple questionnaires from top officiants
  • Common script mistakes

Before The Ceremony

Add Pre-Marriage Counseling To Your Packages - Chaplain Dale Amundsen

Premarital counseling is a chance for your wedding couples to dig up any potential pitfalls that could hinder their marriage from lasting a lifetime. You are seen as the expert to help brides and grooms set realistic expectations before they say I do.

  • Education necessary to offer your couples the best guidance
  • The must ask questions
  • Winning pricing structures to implement

All My Children

First Comes Baby Then Comes Marriage - Alan Katz

Almost half of couples have children before they marry. Brides and grooms challenge you to involve their children as a meaningful part of their ceremony.

  • Verbiage for vows exchanged between couples and their children
  • Clever way to react if a tantrum arises
  • Unique walks down the aisle

Say I Do To You

Closing The Sale For Officiants - Laura Cannon, International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants

You are the most important person at the wedding; but sometimes the brides and grooms book you as an afterthought.

  • How to get the call earlier
  • Live on stage sales meeting
  • Closing the sale - what to say and when to say it

Reaching For The Stars

Officiant's Guide To 5 Star Reviews - Peter Boruchowitz

Millennials won’t buy a new phone, a pair of shoes, or try a new restaurant without first reading a review. Before she hires you... she reads every review about your officiant business.

  • How to motivate past clients to review you
  • Leverage testimonials
  • Damage control when a bad review surfaces

Modern Family

Same Sex Ceremonies - Bethel Nathan, Celebrations By Bethel

Some heterosexual traditions do not translate well for same sex couples. Make every ceremony meaningful.

  • New processional ideas
  • Wording for vows
  • The best resources for planning same sex ceremonies
Wedding Venue Seminars

Wedding Venue Seminars

The Dark Side Of Wedding Venues

What To Do When You Get Blamed For Everything - Wedding Venue Speaker

If something goes wrong, it's always your fault. Other wedding pros think you are too controlling. They don't understand that any misstep will reflect on your venue.

  • Required preferred vendor training
  • How to fix the problem without taking the blame
  • Annual preferred fees for your venue

Income Property

The Reception Venue Close - John Kerr

Financially, you have the most to lose if your potentials don't book. Venue salespeople struggle with the final negotiation because there are so many details and decisions to be made.

  • Key words that produce results
  • Smart discounts that save you time and money
  • Step-by-step sales action plan

Venue Trend Report

Suspended Hors D'Oeuvres, Walk-About Entertainment, Craft Beer Stations - The Knot

If you are seen as an expert on all things weddings, brides and grooms will trust you when they book. Your couples are fed up with pre-packaged cookie-cutter ideas.

  • Show completely re-invented floorplans
  • Expressive themes that aren't mainstream
  • Rapid fire lookbook

Virtual Venues

A 360 Degree View Of Your Wedding Venue - Venue Specialty Speaker

Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Consumers are 39% more likely to share content if it's delivered via video, and 36% more likely to comment.

  • Virtual open houses that drive bookings
  • How to show off your venue's highlights
  • Venue social media campaigns that will take your breath away

House Of Cards

When Your Employees Make Everything Fall Apart - Venue Specialty Speaker

Some new hires are hard to train and quick to leave. Learn how to maximize your potential and grow your team without sacrificing your sanity.

  • Interview questions that tell you everything
  • Time efficient training techniques
  • Incentive programs that protect your hiring investments

Full House

Trade Secrets To Fill Your Calendar - Caroline Tucker

Hundreds of wedding couples visit your website, but never visit your venue. They walk by your bridal show booth, take your brochure... but never read it. They show up for the open house but never sign on the dotted line.

  • Why brides and grooms skip a venue
  • Re-vamping your open house to increase bookings
  • Sales techniques to increase your closing ratio
Wedding Planner Seminars

Wedding Planner Seminars

The Dark Side Of Wedding Planning

What To Do When You Get Blamed For Everything - Susan Southerland, President, Just Events! Group, Inc.

Your old college roommate offers to take you to coffee then asks you to plan her entire wedding for free. You feel like a stalker after you make repeated calls to “professionals” to confirm details they should have told you about a month ago. You wrestle a very drunk 200 pound groomsmen for his car keys. Your job is hard but there is a better way.

  • An action plan for difficult situations
  • Effective boundary setting tips
  • Bossy bride and groom protocols

Wedding Planner Hot List

Design Board Inspiration and Execution - Tracey Manailescu and Danielle Andrews, The Wedding Planners Institute of Coordination

What’s hot. What’s not. It’s not enough to pin a pretty picture with no action plan. Learn next year’s hottest trends that look as good online as they do in person.

  • Trailblazing themes for the big day
  • Seriously stunning trends inspired by nature
  • Total personalization that doesn't look kitschy

The X Files

When An Untested Wedding Pro Is Thrown At You - Linnyette Richardson Hall

The bride’s second cousin opened a floral shop and now you are stuck. She insists on a cakery that no one has ever heard of and a DJ that has bad reviews.

  • Strategies when the vendor won't play by your rules
  • Vendor training you must put newbies through
  • What to say when you are left speechless

Tradition Mixology

Create Modern Multi-Cultural Customs - Sonal Shah

The bride and groom are mixing their South Asian, Jewish, and Christian heritage. They want their religious and ethnic backgrounds to be celebrated with a modern twist.

  • Guide for a multitude of religions and heritages
  • Creative multicultural infused looks
  • How to successfully plan multiple ceremonies for the same couple

The Never-Ending Story

Stop Planning The Same Wedding Over and Over Again - Sasha Souza, Sasha Souza Events

You wear your own Golden Handcuffs and run on your own Golden Hamster Wheel. You feel trapped. Learn how to be persistent, efficient, and still come up with creative new ideas.

  • Remixed wedding themes
  • Modern stylized vignettes
  • Destination inspired decor

The Price Is Right

Pricing Strategies For Wedding Planners - Brit Bertino, Totty Belt

Florist charge for flowers. Caterers charge for food...But you charge for time and expertise. Make your prices work for you without alienating potential clients.

  • Percentage-base pricing vs. packages
  • When day-of planning is worth it
  • Real planner price lists shared
Disc Jockey Seminars

Disc Jockey Seminars

Friday Night Lights

Technical Lighting Tips And Techniques - DJ Specialty Speaker

Impactful lighting can change the mood in just moments, highlight the couple during their first dance, and put more money in your bank account.

  • Wash, spot, gobo, and atmospheric effects
  • Instyle colors for 2017
  • How to get the most ROI from your lighting packages

Majors VS Minors

Dominate Your DJ Market - Rob Ferre

You've done everything right. You have 5-star reviews online. You're on every preferred vendor list in your area. You get lots of referrals. But you just lost a big wedding to another DJ who is not at your skill level. What more can you do?

  • Magic sales phrases
  • Best way to ace the "What makes you better?" question
  • Live sales consultation dissected

Minute To Win It

Modern DJ Timelines That Work - DJ Specialty Speaker

Timing is everything. One wrong move, and your reception schedule is blown.

  • Timelines that leave room for error
  • Small timeline differences that make a big impact
  • Experienced DJs share their unsurpassed timelines

Who's The Boss

Planners vs Disc Jockeys - DJ Specialty Speaker

You've both been hired to bring her dreams into reality. The wedding planner thinks she is in control of the reception timelime and orders you to do as she says. Now what?

  • Tips for the pre-wedding meetings
  • How to disagree with the planner and stay on her preferred vendor list
  • What to do when conflict arises

The 2017 DJ Gear Report

Where To Save And When To Splurge - DJ Specialty Speaker

Technology is moving faster than ever. Should you give into your desire to upgrade and upsize? Or is the extra money a good investment or a waste of cash?

  • 2017 equipment reviews and trends
  • What gear will come down in price
  • Audio differences you can't ignore

Game Face

Hottest Intros, Games And Transitions For DJ's - DJ Specialty Speaker

With any master of ceremonies there is a fine line between engaging and annoying. How do you keep the focus on the bride and groom without stealing the spotlight?

  • Fresh games with less cheese
  • How to get the crowd back after the best man blows the toast
  • Intros that haven't been seen before

Mr. And Mrs. Robot

Automated Systems For Your DJ Business - DJ Specialty Speaker

Most DJs don't have the manpower to do everything. Sometimes emails get missed, sales calls get putt off, and details slip through the cracks. There is a better way.

  • Eliminate this time suck that can drain your time and creativity
  • Tools to automate procedures in your day to day
  • Top-performing DJ logistics uncovered
Catering & Cakes Seminars

Catering & Cakes Seminars

The Dark Side Of Wedding Catering

What To Do When You Get Blamed For Everything - Catering Specialty Speaker

If something goes wrong, it's always your fault. Other wedding pros think you are too controlling. They don't understand that any misstep will reflect on your catering business.

  • Staff training that eliminates headaches
  • How to fix the problem - without taking the blame
  • What to do when the wedding is cancelled

Culinary Trends On Wheels

2017 Food Truck Inspired Bites - Catering Specialty Speaker

What's not to love about local, fun, and trendy cuisine? You don't have to buy a van and hit the streets to take advantage of creative cooking for your wedding catering business.

  • Locate the best gourmet ingredients in your area
  • Nostalgic childhood favorites, all grown-up
  • Snack attack ideas with big profit margins

A Brief History Of Time

Wedding Timeline Secrets Of Top Caterers - Catering Specialty Speaker

Timing is everything. One wrong move and your schedule is blown.

  • Create timelines that reduce stress
  • Small timeline differences that make a big impact
  • Experienced caterers share their unsurpassed timelines

Preferential Treatment

Guide To Getting Onto Preferred Venue Lists - Catering Specialty Speaker

For caterers, big money is in the relationships you form. Are preferred vendor fees typical? How does joint marketing work best?

  • Hidden reasons the venue didn't ask you back
  • Smart ways to get a stack of venue referrals
  • Find venues with the best ROI

All Shook Up

Curated Cocktail And Food Pairings - Catering Specialty Speaker

Cocktails and cuisine have always mingled, but finding an ideal match can be a challenge. Food paired with the right drink just tastes better. Construct a culinary experience that livens up your wedding and special event menus.

  • Ingredient-based intelligence
  • Modern pairing charts
  • The science behind food matching


Instagram Tricks That Turn Fans Into Customers - Catering Specialty Speaker

Instagram's top caterers describe their food as simple, seasonal, and delicious. What's your company's story?

  • Lighting techniques for better food photos
  • Which hashtags/geotags get you noticed by actual customers
  • Find your voice through video

Mr. And Mrs. Robot

Automated Systems For Caterers - Catering Specialty Speaker

Most caterers don't have the manpower to do everything. Sometimes emails get missed, sales calls get put off, and details slip through the cracks. There is a better way.

  • Eliminate this time suck that can zap your time and creativity
  • Tools to automate procedures in your day to day
  • Top-performing venue logistics uncovered

Sugar Coated Lies

What She Really Wants In A Wedding Cake - Catering Specialty Speaker

Wedding cakes have become status symbols for the wedding day. Three tiers of white fondant adorned with sugar flowers doesn't cut it. She pins hundreds of cake masterpieces and wants you to recreate a $10,000 cake for $500.00.

  • How to manage her inflated expectations
  • Cake trend reports
  • Sweet inspirations
Wedding Photography Seminars

Wedding Photography Seminars

Under The Lights

Photography Lighting - Ricky Stern, Ricky Stern Photography

Weddings don't always take place during the golden hour. Most ballrooms lack flattering natural light. Great photos start and end with the right lighting tools and techniques.

  • How to light anyone with any tool
  • How to compensate in low light situations
  • Advanced techniques for creative lighting and special effects

The After Party

Bring Back The Old-School Photography Sell - Mark Zucker - Zookbinders

Send out the invites, order the champagne, and organize the images before your next photo party. Create an environment that encourages the brides, grooms, parents, and grandparents to buy.

  • How to setup for an up-sell party
  • Who to invite (and banish) from the sales room
  • "If you buy today" sales bonus examples

In Focus

2017 Photograph Trends - Brian Leahy, Brian Leahy Photography

In a purely digital age, the world of film photography is making a comeback. Clients are also demanding candid vignettes with a narrative, poetic filters, and inventive editing.

  • Storytelling theme ideas
  • The latest on drone wedding shots
  • Neon landscapes and exaggerated colors

Automatic Exposure

Mechanize Your Photography Business - Photography Specialty Speaker

Save time. Stress less. Automate your business to get out of the office and into the field

  • Photographer-tested apps that give you back your greatest commodity: Time
  • What steps in the sales process should never be automated
  • Social media hacks that increase engagement

The Right Angle

The Science Behind A Good Online Photography Ad - Photography Specialty Speaker

Visual decisions happen fast. Without fully understanding why we pick some and nix others. How do you stand out? How can your online ads do more for your bottom line

  • Powerful headlines that grab brides and grooms
  • Create urgency without looking fake
  • The best and worst photography ads

Photo Fakes

Fight Against Photograph Wannabes and Weekend Warriors - Photography Specialty Speaker

It feels like there are a million wedding photography businesses in your market that claim to offer more and charge less. How do you compete?

  • Overcome pricing objections
  • Compare without looking weak
  • Make them Fear the Non-Pros

Insta Photography Solutions

Advanced Instagram For Photographers - Photography Specialty Speaker

Small pictures can make a big difference in a photo-driven marketplace. Your best images don't always translate to Instagram-friendly dimensions. How do you take advantage of this social media platform?

  • How to write more engaging Instagram captions
  • Tips to get more bookings from Instagram
  • Hashtags that are actually searched
Wedding Florist  Seminars

Wedding Florist Seminars

Poetry In Bloom

Seasonal Floral Trends - Susan Davis

A new season means a change in color palettes and textures. Maximize her floral budget with in-season picks without forsaking the look.

  • Woodland bouquets with a rustic chic flair
  • Holiday inspired centerpieces
  • How to translate your wedding theme to the flowers

Petal Pushers

Floral Upsells For Wallflowers - Heather Waits

The venue, DJ, and gown shop take her money before you even meet. She has big floral wants but a little floral budget. How do you meet her her per wedding floral spend?

  • Upsell-containers and large scale rentals
  • The big add-on most florists miss
  • Sales scripts that feel natural

Steal Magnolias

Take And Use Ideas From Her Design Boards - Florist Specialty Speaker

Floral decisions can be the hardest for a bride to pin down. Her ideas are abstract, over-the-top and sometimes out of season. How can you translate her over budget looks into a realistic vision?

  • How to take the guesswork out of her pins
  • Tools that eliminate visual miscommunication
  • Mood/inspiration/design boards made over

The Grass Is Always Greener

The Best Floral Suppliers - Florist Specialty Speaker

Creating a grand floral wall or hanging chandeliers dripping with hydrangeas take supplies you don't always carry in-house. Tap into the lesser knows universe of floral wholesalers that can save you time and money.

  • Go to providers of the freshest and most affordable flowers
  • Floral foam in every shape imaginable
  • Tools that will cut hours off floral production

Oopsey Daisy

Fix Floral Mistakes - Florist Specialty Speaker

She orders cherry blossoms but they ship casablanca lilies. Your delivery boy drops 10 vased centerpieces in the parking lot. The flowers arrive dead. Ahh! It's enough to put you into a panic.

  • Plan B centerpieces that will wow
  • Common delivery mistakes to avoid
  • What to do when she hates her bouquet

Wild Hires

Interview, Train, And Keep The Best Employees - Corrine Heck

Some new hires are hard to train and quick to leave. Learn how to maximize your potential and grow your team without sacrificing your sanity.

  • Interview questions that tell you everything
  • Time efficient training techniques
  • Incentive programs that protect your hiring investments

Green Thumb

Debunk The Phenomenon Of Only Charging For Your Flowers - Ryan O'Neil

Wedding pros that sell the invisible have no problem charging for their time; but florists undercut their value wedding after wedding.

  • The right up-charge percentage for labor
  • Price list strategies from top florists
  • Sneaky tips for golden floral proposals
Wedding Design Seminars

Wedding Design Seminars

Frosted Fonts

Next Year's Wedding invitation Trends - Kaleigh Wiese, Meldeen

Invitations set the stage months before the wedding day becomes a reality. Learn how to turn each invitation into a work of art.

  • The new twist on envelope liners
  • Graphic and geometric details
  • Mod, minimalist, floral, and metal invitations

Four Seasons Of Style

Trending Wedding Themes - Designer Specialty Speaker

Cue up the bridesmaids and get out the bubbly! Next year's wedding season is upon us. Watch out for scrumptious and chic looks that will take over the trend-o-sphere.

  • Boho, forest, and fairy tale themes
  • Wedding trends to lose and love
  • Mirror signage, handmade centerpieces, and tropical florals

Decor Wars

The Experience Sell - Designer Specialty Speaker

Closing time means an opening for more money at your retail space. Position your decor business as the market leader by crafting the right parties, private appointments, and in-store bridal shows

  • Creative in-store event themes
  • How to set a price for private parties
  • Cheat sheet for successful in store events

Bridal Suite

Escort Cards, Signage, And Everything Paper - Designer Specialty Speaker

The perfect paper plan personalizes any special event. Textured 3-D looks that are enough to make any bride swoon.

  • Designs dipped in color
  • Inventive escort card and seating chart displays
  • Invitation inspiration

A World Of Color

Palette Showstoppers - Heather Benge, Heather Benge Events

Imaging a wedding without color is like tasting a cake without frosting. Sure it's possible, but not nearly as sweet

  • Turn up the color volume
  • The new twist on metallics
  • Unheard of color combos
Wedding Videography Seminars

Wedding Videography Seminars

Legends Of Tomorrow

Next Year's Must-Have Video Gear - Chip Goolsby

Technology is moving faster than ever. When do you give in to your desire to upgrade? Is a new UHD camcorder a good investment or a waste of cash? Discover where to save and when to splurge.

  • Upcoming equipment reviews and trends
  • Which gear will come down in price
  • Resolution differences you can't ignore

Mr. And Mrs. Robot

Automated Systems For Your Wedding Video Business - Stephanie Yun

Most videographers don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Emails are missed, sales calls are delayed, and important details are overlooked. There is a better way.

  • Eliminate this one time-suck that drains your time and creativity
  • Tools to automate procedures in your day to day
  • Top-performing videography logistics uncovered

Day's Anatomy

Story-Driven Wedding Films - Vidography Specialty Speaker

Pop the corn. Put up your feet. Press “Play.” Preview the newest trends in wedding film.

  • Story-driven wedding video inspiration
  • The best documentaries of 2016
  • What to leave in - What to edit out

Mission Impossible

Sell Video To Over-Budget Brides - Mark Cade

Do you feel like video is last on her wedding wish list? Video is what’s left over after she’s bought her dress, venue, caterer, and photographer. Move up the wedding food chain and become the one service she must have.

  • How to sell against low-cost competitors
  • Sales scripts that feel natural
  • How to get your up-sell up-front

The Never-Ending Video

Get More Business From Planners, Venues, And Photographers - John Goolsby

There is no single magic bullet to slay your sales beast. Bridal shows and online advertising are strong weapons in your marketing arsenal, but referrals can put you over the top.

  • How to get your foot in the door
  • The huge referral mistake wedding videographers make
  • Should you pay a referral fee
Gown Shop and Tuxedo Seminars

Gown Shop and Tuxedo Seminars

Bridal Gown Blueprint

Maximize Your Boutique's Floorplan - Robin Garrison

Small spaces, awkward alcoves, and wasted space affect your gown shop's bottom line. Where is the best place for point-of-sale? How do you comfortably fit a 10-person wedding party into your location?

  • Ideal fitting room dimensions
  • Window dressing obsessions
  • The hidden psychology behind the space you inhabit

Designer Image

What The Big Labels Don't Tell You - Gown Specialty Speaker

You've got it down. Every year you research, buy, and repeat. Are you purchasing the styles that guarantee a return? Or are last year's samples just taking up space?

  • How to buy better at market
  • The best private labels
  • How to tell if a trend is worth your investment


2017 Trends - Sans Fluff - The Knot

She dreams in lace, silk, and tulle. You dream that she buys the dress.

  • Fresh off-the-runway looks
  • Accessories that sell
  • Modern neckline designs

Love At First Sight

Book Her On The First Appointment - Wendy Rivera - Do You Speak Bride?

It's the biggest clothing purchase she will ever make. She has been brainwashed to think she has to visit every gown shop before she makes a final decision. But the moment she walks out your door, your chance of selling her a gown goes down by 50%.

  • Your free gift with purchase that will more than pay for itself
  • Sales scripts that feel natural
  • The most common sales mistake

Midnight Madness

The Experience Sell - Wendy Rivera - Do You Speak Bride?

Closing time can mean an opening for more money at your salon. Position your gown shop as a market leader by crafting the right parties, private appointments, and in store bridal shows.

  • Creative in store event themes
  • How to set a price for private parties
  • In store cheat sheet for successful in store events

Best Of Show

Everything Guide To A Better Bridal Show - Gown Specialty Speaker

Brides are so excited to pick their dress...usually you are the first purchase she makes. How can you influence her to stop at your booth, book an appointment, and ultimately buy from you instead of your competitors?

  • How to get top billing in the fashion show
  • Booth design and positioning
  • The types of bridal shows to avoid

Gown And Tux Pairings

Forging A Symbiotic Relationship - Gown Specialty Speaker

Every bride wants the groom’s tux to enhance her look; just like every good meal tastes better with a well paired wine.

  • Cross referral programs that boost your revenue without sucking up your time
  • The pros and const to carrying your own tux line
  • Inspiring menswear trends

Say Yes To The Dress (Faster)

Use Niche Marketing For Quicker Sales And Higher Profits While Making Your Competitors Irrelevant - Bill Konves, Owner, Elegant Bide The Marketing Launchpad

Explore the tools to identify your ideal bride, get her to know, like, and trust you before her visit, and get her to purchase much quicker without going to your competitor.

  • How to identify your ideal segments
  • Use customer pain points to your advantage
  • Build massive trust BEFORE the appointment for a higher closing rate
Beauty Seminars

Beauty Seminars

Sleeping Beauty

How To Wake Up Your Hair And Makeup Sales - Beauty Specialty Speaker

She throws every sales objection at you. You know she wants to book but she keeps putting it off. You have called her twice, texted, and emailed what?

  • Hidden upsells that increase your revenue by 20 percent
  • How to handle the booking when multiple people are paying
  • Sales scripts that feel natural

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Hair Trends For The Entire Wedding Party - Ashley Backs

From the flower girl to the grandmother everyone wants in on the updos and blowouts. Stay on point with the various ages and styles within the wedding party.

  • Shortcuts for romantic waves
  • Flattering straight styles that stay
  • Structural updos that look pro

Lip Service

Social Media That Gets You Bookings Jennifer Trotter, Lip Service Makeup

Visual decisions happen fast. A well-crafted post on Facebook, Instagram, or your blog can get you actual sales.

  • Geo-tags for booking business in your area
  • Examples of relevant and shareable content
  • Creative use of before and after photos

What's In Your Bag

Lindsey Wilkerson - Face Forward

As a professional makeup artist the tools you have in your kit say a lot about who you are. They can take your designs from good to great. From concealer to stains we take the guess work out of what products to use and who to buy them from.

  • Magical concealer, stains, and lashes
  • New and unknown brands that give you the most out of your beauty investment
  • Pros and cons to the new airbrush systems

Conceal Or Reveal

Uncover Bride's Real Concerns - Beauty Specialty Speaker

Open Mic

Fantasy Makeovers

Bridal Makeup Trend Report - Beauty Specialty Speaker

Engagement season brings on new looks and textures. Makeup suppliers want to sell you trendy new palettes. Which trends should you invest in and which should you skip?

  • Flattering eyeshadow colors
  • Glowing skin...the right way to wear glitter and iridescent looks
  • Natural contouring tips

Kiss And Makeup

Managing Expectations - Beauty Specialty Speaker

If you have been in business for more than one day chances are you have encountered a disagreement. When emotions run high conflict follows closely behind.

  • The telltale signs of problem brides (run-don't walk away)
  • Make her feel heard without giving in
  • How to seek resolution
Photobooth Seminars

Photobooth Seminars

Photo Booth Flakes

Compete Against The B Team - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

With a bit of technical know how and a few thousand dollars anyone can own their own photo booth. With promises of making $100-$200 per hour non-wedding pros are bringing down the bar.

  • How to compete against the hobbyist
  • Stand apart from low cost leaders
  • Best practices for showing your finished product vs theirs

Selfies Sell

Upsells And Add-Ons For Photo Booth Companies - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

Narcissism has created business opportunities for photo booth companies. In a culture where taking and posting daily photos is acceptable and blogs are more like public diaries; the photo booth and it’s instant gratification is celebrated.

  • Millennial driven seamless sales techniques
  • Script sales that feel natural
  • Upsell ideas for photo booths

Next Year's Photo Booths

Modern Photo Booth Trends - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

The photo booth is in a constant state of change. Wedding couple’s expectations have risen as more technology is available. Unless you have an unlimited budget you need to know when to upgrade and when to hold off.

  • Gif, g-force face, slow motion, and video booths
  • Software updates that work with your existing photo booths
  • What the wedding couple really wants

Flash Me

Advanced Lighting Techniques For Photo Booths - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

How do you light groups of people evenly? What is the best way to reduce imperfections? What are the most common lighting mistakes photo booth owners make?

  • Flattering (almost as good as natural light) shadowless adaptors
  • Soft light diffusers and on the spot retouching tools
  • Six new photo booth lighting techniques and photo filler effects

The New Social Standard

Viral Photos That Get You Referrals - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

The average wedding has 125 guests, most wedding guests have 300 friends on Facebook. That means your reach per wedding is 37,500 potential clients. How do you maximize your social media word of mouth?

  • Data capture that allows your to stay in touch
  • Better ways to brand with your photos
  • Sell through Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

Photo Booth Fails

What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

The venue will not allow you to set up. Your main photo booth operator calls in sick. There is a power shortage. The drunk best man manages to break your unbreakable photo booth. The bride and groom cancel and refuse to pay. What do you do when everything that could go wrong does?

  • Action plans for difficult photo booth situations
  • Sneaky tips for working with top venues
  • Photo booth horror stories and solutions

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