Disc Jockey Seminars

Disc Jockey Seminars

Friday Night Lights: Technical Lighting Tips And Techniques - DJ Specialty Speaker

Impactful lighting can change the mood in just moments, highlight the couple during their first dance, and put more money in your bank account.

  • Wash, spot, gobo, and atmospheric effects
  • Instyle colors for 2017
  • How to get the most ROI from your lighting packages

Majors VS Minors: Dominate Your DJ Market - Rob Ferre

You've done everything right. You have 5-star reviews online. You're on every preferred vendor list in your area. You get lots of referrals. But you just lost a big wedding to another DJ who is not at your skill level. What more can you do?

  • Magic sales phrases
  • Best way to ace the "What makes you better?" question
  • Live sales consultation dissected

Minute To Win It: Modern DJ Timelines That Work - DJ Specialty Speaker

Timing is everything. One wrong move, and your reception schedule is blown.

  • Timelines that leave room for error
  • Small timeline differences that make a big impact
  • Experienced DJs share their unsurpassed timelines

Who's The Boss: Planners vs Disc Jockeys - DJ Specialty Speaker

You've both been hired to bring her dreams into reality. The wedding planner thinks she is in control of the reception timelime and orders you to do as she says. Now what?

  • Tips for the pre-wedding meetings
  • How to disagree with the planner and stay on her preferred vendor list
  • What to do when conflict arises

The 2017 DJ Gear Report: Where To Save And When To Splurge - DJ Specialty Speaker

Technology is moving faster than ever. Should you give into your desire to upgrade and upsize? Or is the extra money a good investment or a waste of cash?

  • 2017 equipment reviews and trends
  • What gear will come down in price
  • Audio differences you can't ignore

Game Face: Hottest Intros, Games And Transitions For DJ's - DJ Specialty Speaker

With any master of ceremonies there is a fine line between engaging and annoying. How do you keep the focus on the bride and groom without stealing the spotlight?

  • Fresh games with less cheese
  • How to get the crowd back after the best man blows the toast
  • Intros that haven't been seen before

Mr. And Mrs. Robot: Automated Systems For Your DJ Business - DJ Specialty Speaker

Most DJs don't have the manpower to do everything. Sometimes emails get missed, sales calls get putt off, and details slip through the cracks. There is a better way.

  • Eliminate this time suck that can drain your time and creativity
  • Tools to automate procedures in your day to day
  • Top-performing DJ logistics uncovered