Disc Jockey Seminars

Disc Jockey Seminars

Booth Or Consequences: Bridal Shows For Mobile DJs - Keith KoKoruz, Owner, Keith Christopher Entertainment

Bridal shows allow your to showcase your personality, demeanor, and experience. Typically, just one gig booked will cover your costs.

  • Photos and floorplans of the best DJ booths
  • What to say when the bride only gives you a few seconds
  • A better way to follow up

School Of Rock: Music History For The Mobile DJ - Mike Walter, Owner, Elite Entertainment

Impress prospective wedding couples with your newfound knowledge of popular music history over the last 60 years.

  • Decade to decade musical contributions
  • Interactive music trivia
  • Training your staff on music history

Spin The Pin: Turn Around Your Pinterst Marketing - DJ Staci Nichols

Stop wasting money on Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Start pinning with purpose.

  • How to make Pinterest your top lead generating source
  • Why most DJs are pinning wrong
  • 30 day Pinterest Challenge

Collaborate And Listen: Build Better Wedding Pro Relationships - Rob Ferre, Owner, Life Of The Party

You've both been hired to bring her dreams into reality. The wedding planner thinks she is in control of the reception timelime and orders you to do as she says. Now what?

  • Tips for the pre-wedding meetings
  • How to disagree with the planner and stay on her preferred vendor list
  • What to do when conflict arises

The Guiding Light: Lighting Handbook For Djs - Jeremy Martorano, Owner, Karma Event Lighting and AV

Lighting should be purposeful, seamless, and invisible at times. How do you sell something that wasn't part of the original budget?

  • Pinspotting, digital gobos, and outdoor lighting upsells
  • Extended lighting concepts that use pattern washes, projection, and cake mapping
  • Lighting sales tips

Game Face: Hottest Games For DJ's - Scott Faver, Owner, The Party Favers

With any master of ceremonies there is a fine line between engaging and annoying. How do you keep the focus on the bride and groom without stealing the spotlight?

  • Fresh games with less cheese
  • Small changes to make their reception stand out
  • Closing the DJ sale with game add ons

Mr. And Mrs. Robot: Automated Systems For Your DJ Business - DJ Specialty Speaker

Most DJs don't have the manpower to do everything. Sometimes emails get missed, sales calls get putt off, and details slip through the cracks. There is a better way.

  • Eliminate this time suck that can drain your time and creativity
  • Tools to automate procedures in your day to day
  • Top-performing DJ logistics uncovered

Music Mixology: Creative Club Mixing Meets Professional Events - Dennis Jones, Owner, The Creative Music DJ

Inventive mixing is an art form. The right mix can build energy and transition your dance floor. Live mixing techniques will be demonstrated using the actual 1s and 2s.

  • Club tech to use at weddings
  • Double time vs. half time mixing
  • What you don't know about beat matching