Disc Jockey Seminars

Disc Jockey Seminars

Just Dance: Make Guests Go Gaga -

Some wedding reception guests dance without much persuasion. But what about Aunt Michelle or Grandpa Bob, who haven’t danced in 20 years? How do you get 90% of guests onto the dance floor?

  • Proven techniques to excite the crowd
  • Tricky tactics for crowd participation
  • Deal with song requests without losing your rhythm

ONE IN A MILLION: Dominate Your DJ Market - Wedding MBA Disc Jockey Speaker

Over 1 million people in the US claim to be a DJ.  How do you not simply stand out, but actually be the wedding DJ company in your market?

  • The secret to better referrals
  • How to sell against your competitors
  • Master cross-promotion groups

TURN THE TABLES: Newest Sound And Lighting Must-Haves - Wedding MBA Disc Jockey Speaker

Sick of your current gear?  Discover the latest DJ sound and lighting equipment, from cost-effective upgrades to complete overhaul.

  • New DJ gear that inspires new bookings
  • When it makes financial sense to upgrade
  • Most-requested lighting by region

Pay Per View : Stream Live Video To Potential DJ Clients -

Ten years ago, engaged couples auditioning a Disc Jockey had to crash a wedding.  Sure, you can post a video.  But potential customers comment 10 times more on a live video than an uploaded one.  Stream live video to build credibility and excitement.  Discover how live video boosts your profits.

  • Best way to invite wedding couples to watch
  • Behind-the-scenes prep and permissions
  • What to say when you take your viewers on location

Master Of Disaster: What To Do When Chaos Joins The Party -

No one can plan for every problem that can impact a wedding.  Wedding disasters come out of nowhere.  Disc jockeys must arm themselves with concrete tactics to deal with a truly catastrophic surprise.

  • Back-up plans you haven’t tried
  • What to do when weather doesn’t cooperate
  • How to mitigate technical failures

First Dance - Only Chance: Close At The Initial Meeting -

You received the inquiry and set an appointment.  If you don’t close the sale at the first meeting, it’s Game Over.  Whether you’ve been a salesperson for 20 years or 20 minutes, come to this seminar to learn easy ways you can seal the deal.

  • Best closing techniques
  • Learn easy ways you can seal the deal
  • The fine line