Photo Booth Seminars

Photo Booth Seminars

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT : Create Connections That Lead To Conversions - Scott Faver, Owner The Party Favers

In today’s tech driven world the need for human connection is greater than ever. Purposeful networking can lead to more jobs and a better reputation in the wedding industry.

  • Maximize your ROI without BNI
  • The two words that will kill your network
  • Better questions to ask other pros

Selfies Sell: Upsells And Add-Ons For Photo Booth Companies - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

Narcissism has created business opportunities for photo booth companies. In a culture where taking and posting daily photos is acceptable and blogs are more like public diaries; the photo booth and it’s instant gratification is celebrated.

  • Millennial driven seamless sales techniques
  • Script sales that feel natural
  • Upsell ideas for photo booths

Next Year's Photo Booths: Modern Photo Booth Trends - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

The photo booth is in a constant state of change. Wedding couple’s expectations have risen as more technology is available. Unless you have an unlimited budget you need to know when to upgrade and when to hold off.

  • Gif, g-force face, slow motion, and video booths
  • Software updates that work with your existing photo booths
  • What the wedding couple really wants

Flash Me: Advanced Lighting Techniques For Photo Booths - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

How do you light groups of people evenly? What is the best way to reduce imperfections? What are the most common lighting mistakes photo booth owners make?

  • Flattering (almost as good as natural light) shadowless adaptors
  • Soft light diffusers and on the spot retouching tools
  • Six new photo booth lighting techniques and photo filler effects

The New Social Standard: Viral Photos That Get You Referrals - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

The average wedding has 125 guests, most wedding guests have 300 friends on Facebook. That means your reach per wedding is 37,500 potential clients. How do you maximize your social media word of mouth?

  • Data capture that allows your to stay in touch
  • Better ways to brand with your photos
  • Sell through Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

Photo Booth Fails: What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong - Photo Booth Specialty Speaker

The venue will not allow you to set up. Your main photo booth operator calls in sick. There is a power shortage. The drunk best man manages to break your unbreakable photo booth. The bride and groom cancel and refuse to pay. What do you do when everything that could go wrong does?

  • Action plans for difficult photo booth situations
  • Sneaky tips for working with top venues
  • Photo booth horror stories and solutions