Photo Booth Seminars

Photo Booth Seminars

Truth About The Booth: Guide To Add A Photo Booth For Your Business -

Looking for a powerful revenue stream? Have you considered adding a photo booth? Add to your existing business with this how-to guide.

  • Photo booth cost analysis
  • Event businesses that profit the most from photo booths
  • Seamless ways to add to existing packages

Gear Heads: Next Year’s Amazing Photo Booth Features -

Photo booths are like the latest iPhone - a new model is always just around the corner. Don’t waste your money on photo booths and accessories with a short shelf life. Our photo booth experts reveal future photo booth must-haves.

  • Next year’s best photo booths
  • Software comparison
  • Photo booths with the best social media

Underexposed: Social Booths That Travel -

Millennials are obsessed with posting images online. The more your photos are shared, the better your chances of getting free publicity for your photo booth business.

  • Booths that double as lead collection devices
  • Wedding expos, charity events, and open houses
  • Boost your social media exposure

Snap Judgement: Be Their First Choice -

Photo booths are one of the few wedding pros that don’t always meet in person to close the sale. When the wedding couple searches for photo booths, over 2 million results appear on their screen. With so many choices, how do they choose you?

  • Get on the first page within your market
  • Why price isn’t the most important factor
  • Websites that sell