Photo Booth Seminars

Photo Booth Seminars

Flash Me: Advanced Lighting Techniques For Photo Booths - Bill Vahrenkamp, Owner, Albertex Photo

A happy client means repeat business and plenty of referrals. The best way to achieve that is by providing the best quality product. Perfectly lit and properly exposed images will set you apart from your competition.

  • Lighting before and afters
  • Images that get you referrals
  • Advanced lighting techniques - greenscreen, big strips, multi-monitor support, uploads

Photo Booth Fails: What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong - Bill Vahrenkamp, Owner, Albertex Photo

The venue will not allow you to set-up. Your main photo booth operator doesn’t show up to the venue. There is a power shortage. The drunk best man manages to break your unbreakable photo booth. Your client cancels last minute and refuses to pay.

  • Venue fails - no power, not enough space, no elevator
  • Equipment fails - printer errors, camera not focusing, OS updates
  • Client fails - poor communication, changes, and late payments

Nothing But Net: Create A Network That Works - Scott Faver, Owner, The Party Favers

Photo booth competition is fierce. Brides and grooms book you last and want to pay you the least. Learn to fight back with a strong network of other wedding pros.

  • How to build a better referral network
  • Stop leaving your networking strategy to chance
  • Become a connector in your community

The New Social Standard: Viral Photos That Get You Referrals - Chris Meyer, Owner, The Slow Motion Booth

If your clients love how they look in their photos, they will want to share them with the world.

  • Teach your customers how to look better in photos
  • How to use visual humor in your marketing
  • Social media tips for maximum promotion

Selfies Sell: Upsells And Add-Ons For Photo Booth Companies - Denise LeBlanc, Owner, Crazy Shotz Photo Booth

Narcissism has created business opportunities for photo booth companies. In a culture where taking and posting daily photos is acceptable and blogs are more like public diaries; the photo booth and it’s instant gratification is celebrated.

  • Millennial driven sales techniques
  • Script sales that feel natural
  • Upsell ideas for photo booths

Beyond The Booth: 5 Steps To Bridge From Wedding Themes To Corporate Dreams - Brian Miller, Owner, LA Photo Party

Integrate dynamic experiential photo activation's that will expand your wedding offerings and entice corporate markets

  • Learn from Brian Miller's 10 year' experience building LA Photo Party
  • Develop effective strategies for high-end clients
  • Build your international corporate clients

PHOTO BOOTH TAKEOVER: Startup Guide To Owning A Photo Booth - Rex Huang, Owner, Mr. Smiley Photo Booth

Looking for a new revenue stream? Have you considered adding a photo booth? Whether you want to start from scratch or add to your existing company, this class will cover it.

  • Should you build or buy your photo booth
  • What software is the best to use
  • Which photo booths include social media integration

Photobooth Workflows To Work Less: Turn Full Time Into Free Time - Catalina Bloch - Owner, MDRN Photobooth

Photo Booth owners spend far too long working on processes that should be automated. With the correct workflows, you can drastically reduce your daily tasks and increase output at the same time.

  • Examples of truly effective places to add automation
  • Gain extra time to work on more important aspects of your business
  • Discuss contact touch points that should never be automated