Wedding Design And Trend Seminars

Wedding Design And Trend Seminars

Frosted Fonts: Next Year's Wedding invitation Trends - Kaleigh Wiese, Meldeen

Invitations set the stage months before the wedding day becomes a reality. Learn how to turn each invitation into a work of art.

  • The new twist on envelope liners
  • Graphic and geometric details
  • Mod, minimalist, floral, and metal invitations

A World Of Color: Palette Showstoppers - Heather Benge, Heather Benge Events

Imaging a wedding without color is like tasting a cake without frosting. Sure it's possible, but not nearly as sweet

  • Turn up the color volume
  • The new twist on metallics
  • Unheard of color combos

ASPIRATIONAL WEDDINGS 2018: Wedding ideas For The New Year - Eliana Baucicault, Owner, Elly B Events

With over 2 million weddings annually it’s hard to stand out, and even harder to create a look that hasn’t been done before. Get inspired. Get noticed. Get hired.

  • Inspirations that wow
  • Stylized photoshoots that actually get published
  • Stunning wedding eye candy

Trading Spaces: Transform Weddings One Venue At A Time - Jewel Georgieff, Owner Pralique

Wedding designers are the artist's, idea-makers, and visionaries behind every great wedding. They direct everything from floorplans to imagining and installing grand backdrops.

  • Raw venue space before and afters (think forests, warehouses, and museums)
  • Fast fixes for common ballroom issues
  • Blueprint case studies

Fab Finds: Wedding Personalization On Fire - Emily Sullivan, Owner & Lead Destination Planner, Emily Sullivan Events

Engaged couples attend 6-10 weddings before their own wedding day. With trends getting pinned, shared, and reposted it’s hard to create an original design. You are the expert but struggle to plan something new every time.

  • Tailor your proposal, wedding design, and color scheme to the couple's taste
  • How to turn 'been there done that' visions into bespoke designs
  • The best way to customize current trends

Almost Famous: Get Published - Lindsay Barrows, Owner, Custom Love Gifts

Have you made a goal to get published this year, but you don't know where to begin? The process of submitting your work doesn't have to be a daunting task! Get started on the road to becoming a submission rockstar.

  • How to choose the right images for your submission
  • What editors really want to see
  • Avoiding the pitfalls that will get your submission rejected

Spotlight: Enlightening Trends - Jeremy Brech, Owner, DJ Jer Lighting and Events

Lighting transforms spaces, hides flaws, and sets the tone. It shows off the details of the wedding and creates more flattering looks for photo ops.

  • Why the right lighting can actually save you money on decor
  • Lighting color trends
  • Modern, rustic, and romantic lighting styles

Style Forward: Real Wedding Inspiration - David Caruso, Owner, Dynamic Events by David Caruso

Wedding designers are always hungry for the latest trends. Peruse our visual style menu.

  • Reinvent design trends from the retail, interior design, travel, and fashion industries
  • Navigate the hottest trends in the furniture rental market
  • Integrate whimsical themes that stretch the imagination