Wedding Florist  Seminars

Wedding Florist Seminars

Wilted Wedding: How To Deal With Floral Disasters - Susan Davis, Owner, Design Sanctuary

She orders dahlias, but they ship daisies. Your driver leaves hydrangeas in his trunk (in the summer). The maid of honor puts to boutonnieres into the freezer. It’s enough to throw you into a panic. Now what?

  • Back-up plans from other floral studios
  • Protocols that prevent disasters
  • Answers to your most pressing floral concerns

I Heard It Through The Grapevine: Cultivate Your Wedding Referrals - Bron Hansboro, Chief Creative, The Flower Guy Bron

Flowers make everything look better. The venue, photographer, gown shop, and planner all benefit from your artistic ability. How do you capitalize on this?

  • Ask for the referral without begging
  • Creative relationship building
  • Should you offer referral incentives

Fresh Cut Designs: Luxury Bouquet Techniques - Sarah Campbell, Owner/Lead Designer, Intrigue Designs & Decor

Gone are the days of Pinterest copycats. Today's luxury couple is looking for personalized and creative bouquets that defy the constraints of what has been seen before. This seminar showcases design techniques for creating decadent bouquets loaded with detail.

  • Learn creative techniques to give your same old flowers new life
  • Discover unique bouquet structures
  • Pricing for your time on labor intensive designs

Social Media To Maximum: Online Strategies For Florists - CeCe Todd, Owner, CeCe Designs

You manage staff, design floral arrangements, and sit down for appointments. There’s never enough time to create consistent social media campaigns. Your floral business has the most visual product of the wedding day. It’s time to share your art beyond the guest list.

  • Live video dos and don'ts
  • Social media software to save you time
  • Instagram stories that get you noticed

Venus Fly Trap: Closing The Floral Sale - Heather Waits, Owner, Bloomtastic Flowers and Events

The venue, caterer, and gown shop take her money before you even meet. The have big floral wants, but a small floral budget. How do you keep (or expand) your profit margin?

  • How to get the bride to book on the spot
  • Floral pricing for profit
  • Wedding show specials that work

The Everyday Florist: Create Better Wedding Florals - Diane Mouton, Owner, Fat Cat Flowers

Not everyone can cater to the top one-percenters. With only two weddings out of every hundred considered high-end, the vast majority of weddings fall somewhere in the middle. If your company is more Target than Neiman Marcus, learn how to max-out your profits.

  • Big margin opportunities with small floral orders
  • Best floral software (from a non-biased source)
  • Strategic delivery tips that save your bottom line