Wedding Florist  Seminars

Wedding Florist Seminars

Poetry In Bloom: Seasonal Floral Trends - Susan Davis

A new season means a change in color palettes and textures. Maximize her floral budget with in-season picks without forsaking the look.

  • Woodland bouquets with a rustic chic flair
  • Holiday inspired centerpieces
  • How to translate your wedding theme to the flowers

Petal Pushers: Floral Upsells For Wallflowers - Heather Waits

The venue, DJ, and gown shop take her money before you even meet. She has big floral wants but a little floral budget. How do you meet her her per wedding floral spend?

  • Upsell-containers and large scale rentals
  • The big add-on most florists miss
  • Sales scripts that feel natural

Steal Magnolias: Take And Use Ideas From Her Design Boards - Florist Specialty Speaker

Floral decisions can be the hardest for a bride to pin down. Her ideas are abstract, over-the-top and sometimes out of season. How can you translate her over budget looks into a realistic vision?

  • How to take the guesswork out of her pins
  • Tools that eliminate visual miscommunication
  • Mood/inspiration/design boards made over

The Grass Is Always Greener: The Best Floral Suppliers - Florist Specialty Speaker

Creating a grand floral wall or hanging chandeliers dripping with hydrangeas take supplies you don't always carry in-house. Tap into the lesser knows universe of floral wholesalers that can save you time and money.

  • Go to providers of the freshest and most affordable flowers
  • Floral foam in every shape imaginable
  • Tools that will cut hours off floral production

Oopsey Daisy: Fix Floral Mistakes - Florist Specialty Speaker

She orders cherry blossoms but they ship casablanca lilies. Your delivery boy drops 10 vased centerpieces in the parking lot. The flowers arrive dead. Ahh! It's enough to put you into a panic.

  • Plan B centerpieces that will wow
  • Common delivery mistakes to avoid
  • What to do when she hates her bouquet

Wild Hires: Interview, Train, And Keep The Best Employees - Corrine Heck

Some new hires are hard to train and quick to leave. Learn how to maximize your potential and grow your team without sacrificing your sanity.

  • Interview questions that tell you everything
  • Time efficient training techniques
  • Incentive programs that protect your hiring investments

Green Thumb: Debunk The Phenomenon Of Only Charging For Your Flowers - Ryan O'Neil

Wedding pros that sell the invisible have no problem charging for their time; but florists undercut their value wedding after wedding.

  • The right up-charge percentage for labor
  • Price list strategies from top florists
  • Sneaky tips for golden floral proposals