Wedding Florist  Seminars

Wedding Florist Seminars

Fresh Flowers: Florals Styles Of Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow - Susan Davis, Owner, Fresh Designs Flora

What looks can we steal from the last 100 years to make relevant again? Pack your bags and board our time machine.

  • Keep your shop in trend
  • Fun floral history translation to the present
  • Wedding themes that inspire

Petal Pushers: Floral Upsells For Wallflowers - Heather Waits, Owner, Bloomtastic

The venue, DJ, and gown shop take her money before you even meet. She has big floral wants but a little floral budget. How do you compromise?

  • On the spot floral proposals
  • The big add-on most florists miss
  • Sales scripts that feel natural

Oopsey Daisy: Fix Floral Mistakes - Open Mic - Ryan O'Neil, Owner, / CeCe Todd, Owner, CeCe Designs / Sarah Hinton, Owner, Ularas Floral Design Software

She orders cherry blossoms but they ship casablanca lilies. Your delivery boy drops 10 vased centerpieces in the parking lot. The flowers arrive dead. Ahh! It's enough to make you panic.

  • Audience fueled shared solutions
  • What other floral studios do to solve everyday problems
  • Answers to your most pressing floral concerns

Wild Hires: Interview, Train, And Keep The Best Employees - Corrine Heck, CEO/Founder, Detail Flowers Software

Some new hires are hard to train and quick to leave. Learn how to maximize your potential and grow your team without sacrificing your sanity.

  • Interview questions that tell you everything
  • Time efficient training techniques
  • Incentive programs that protect your hiring investments

Green Thumb: The Myth Of Charging For Flowers - Ryan O'Neil, Founder,

Wedding pros that sell the invisible have no problem charging for their time; but florists undercut their value wedding after wedding.

  • The right up-charge percentage for labor
  • Price list strategies from top florists
  • Sneaky tips for golden floral proposals

Pop Up Flowers: Facebook Live For Florists - CeCe Todd, Owner, CeCe Designs

She thinks your job is all fairy dust, unicorns, and rose gardens. You know your job is hard work. Show her your reality.

  • Most common FB live mistakes florists make
  • The six second rule
  • Equipment that won't break the bank

Blooming Blog: Grow Your Floral Business - Kathryn Null, Owner and Floral Ninja Fairy, Enchanted Florist

Good wedding stories, paired with great floral pictures, equal an opportunity to profit from your blog.

  • Floral photo dos and don'ts
  • A creative list of ideas for your blog
  • How to turn your blog into new business

Secret Garden: 2018 Floral Trends Revealed - Sarah Campbell, Owner/Lead Designer, Intrigue Designs & Decor

Flowers have taken a leading role in weddings. Next year stands to be one of the most exciting for wedding florists with lavish floral designs blossoming in unexpected ways. During this visually inspiring session you will learn what’s trending in 2018.

  • The rise of the statement piece
  • Interactive floral displays
  • Centerpieces that create conversation