Wedding Photographer Seminars

Wedding Photographer Seminars

Crowd Control: How To Pose Large Groups - Vanessa Joy, Owner, Vanessa Joy Photography

Posing the wedding couple is easy. Your blood pressure goes up when the bridal party outnumbers the guests. How do you handle a huge family photo list when the officiant is breathing down your neck to leave the church?

  • Methods to make everyone look good
  • How to work through a family list in 10 minutes
  • Use flow posing

Speed Sales: Attract Wedding Couples Faster - Mark Zucker, Founder & CEO, Zookbinders

The search for a wedding photographer can feel like speed dating for today’s brides as they hop from website to website. Most “first impressions” are online and you must get engaged couples to fall in love with you and your work in 60 seconds or less.

  • Make the right first impression
  • First Responders get the first shot
  • Use speed to sell add-ons

New Must-Have Photo Gear: 2019 Equipment Sneak Peek - Owner, Moshe Zusman Photography Studio

The big debate is over. There are clear winners and losers...and it’s not what you would expect.

  • Best photog accessories
  • Cameras that are worth the investment
  • Best equipment in each price category

Digital Drawbacks: Solutions Photographer Problems - Michael Anthony, Owner, Michael Anthony Photography

Over the last ten years your job has gotten ten times harder. You are expected to deliver high quality images at lightning speed. Paparazzi wannabes block your down-the-aisle shots with their iPhones. It’s hard to be a hero when everyone is in your way.

  • Best ways to deliver quality photos faster
  • Unplugged wedding solutions
  • Compete and win against YouTube trained photographers

See The Light: Creative Lighting In Any Situation - Sal Cincotta, Owner Salvatore Cincotta Photography

As a photographer, we paint with light. We need that light to create. How you used that light, well, that’s the art. Learn creative lighting techniques that are both easy and unique.

  • Lighting scenarios and how to handle them
  • Equipment list
  • Creative lighting setups for wedding receptions and portraits