Wedding Photography Seminars

Wedding Photography Seminars

Under The Lights: Photography Lighting - Ricky Stern, Ricky Stern Photography

Weddings don't always take place during the golden hour. Most ballrooms lack flattering natural light. Great photos start and end with the right lighting tools and techniques.

  • How to light anyone with any tool
  • How to compensate in low light situations
  • Advanced techniques for creative lighting and special effects

The After Party: Bring Back The Old-School Photography Sell - Mark Zucker - Zookbinders

Send out the invites, order the champagne, and organize the images before your next photo party. Create an environment that encourages the brides, grooms, parents, and grandparents to buy.

  • How to setup for an up-sell party
  • Who to invite (and banish) from the sales room
  • "If you buy today" sales bonus examples

In Focus: 2017 Photograph Trends - Brian Leahy, Brian Leahy Photography

In a purely digital age, the world of film photography is making a comeback. Clients are also demanding candid vignettes with a narrative, poetic filters, and inventive editing.

  • Storytelling theme ideas
  • The latest on drone wedding shots
  • Neon landscapes and exaggerated colors

Automatic Exposure: Mechanize Your Photography Business - Photography Specialty Speaker

Save time. Stress less. Automate your business to get out of the office and into the field

  • Photographer-tested apps that give you back your greatest commodity: Time
  • What steps in the sales process should never be automated
  • Social media hacks that increase engagement

The Right Angle: The Science Behind A Good Online Photography Ad - Photography Specialty Speaker

Visual decisions happen fast. Without fully understanding why we pick some and nix others. How do you stand out? How can your online ads do more for your bottom line

  • Powerful headlines that grab brides and grooms
  • Create urgency without looking fake
  • The best and worst photography ads

Photo Fakes: Fight Against Photograph Wannabes and Weekend Warriors - Photography Specialty Speaker

It feels like there are a million wedding photography businesses in your market that claim to offer more and charge less. How do you compete?

  • Overcome pricing objections
  • Compare without looking weak
  • Make them Fear the Non-Pros

Insta Photography Solutions: Advanced Instagram For Photographers - Photography Specialty Speaker

Small pictures can make a big difference in a photo-driven marketplace. Your best images don't always translate to Instagram-friendly dimensions. How do you take advantage of this social media platform?

  • How to write more engaging Instagram captions
  • Tips to get more bookings from Instagram
  • Hashtags that are actually searched