Wedding Photographer Seminars

Wedding Photographer Seminars

Under The Lights: Photography Lighting - Amy Anaiz, Amy Anaiz Photography

Weddings don't always take place during the golden hour. Most ballrooms lack flattering natural light. Great photos start and end with the right lighting tools and techniques.

  • How to light anyone
  • How to compensate in low light situations
  • Advanced techniques for creative lighting and special effects

The After Party: Bring Back The Old-School Photography Sell - Mark Zucker, Founder & CEO, Zookbinders

Send out the invites, order the champagne, and organize the images before your next photo party. Create an environment that encourages the brides, grooms, parents, and grandparents to buy.

  • How to setup for an up-sell party
  • Who to invite (and banish) from the sales room
  • "If you buy today" sales bonus examples

In Focus: Ingenious Marketing Photographers - Brian Leahy, Owner, Brian Leahy Photography

Traditional advertising is dead. Photographers have tried everything from online ads to bridal show booths and found that referrals are the real gold mine.

  • Unexpected ideas for stylized photo-shoots
  • Hashtags that result in bookings
  • Networking that doesn't feel contrived

Photo Fakes: Fight Against Photograph Wannabes and Weekend Warriors - Vanessa Joy, Owner, Vanessa Joy Photography - Sponsored by Miller's Lab

It feels like there are a million wedding photography businesses in your market that claim to offer more and charge less. How do you compete?

  • Overcome pricing objections
  • Compare without looking weak
  • Make them Fear the Non-Pros

Stock Market: Photographer’s Guide To Selling Stock Photos - Johanna Jacobson, Owner, Ambientimage

Looking for extra income during off-season? Look no further than the thousands of digital photos taking up space on your computer.

  • Best sites to sell your photos
  • Composition rules for the best images
  • Off-season income and vacation write offs

Hidden Figures: Price Lists For Photographers - Chris Meyer, Owner, The Slow Motion Booth

You probably got into the photography business because you love it… not because you thought it would make you rich. But if you only get paid enough to cover expenses, your passion is nothing more than a hobby.

  • Optimal number of photography packages
  • A la carte options pros and cons
  • Real price list examples from real photographers

Best Picture Goes To...: Photography Publishing Accolades - Meghan Brown, Manager, Two Bright Lights

Are you waiting for your next big break? Are you sitting on thousands of potential marketing dollars by not submitting your images?

  • How to get published on the top blogs
  • Common submission mistakes
  • What editors are really looking for

Just Shoot Me: Law For Photographers - Open Mic - Wedding Lawyer, Editor of WeddingIndustryLaw.Com

Lawsuit threats by an angry bride and groom are real.

  • Keep your second shooter from using your couples' images
  • Protect yourself from giving money back
  • Clauses you must add to your wedding contracts now