Wedding Planner Seminars

Wedding Planner Seminars

The Dark Side Of Wedding Planning: What To Do When You Get Blamed For Everything - Susan Southerland, President, Just Events! Group, Inc.

Your old college roommate offers to take you to coffee then asks you to plan her entire wedding for free. You feel like a stalker after you make repeated calls to “professionals” to confirm details they should have told you about a month ago. You wrestle a very drunk 200 pound groomsmen for his car keys. Your job is hard but there is a better way.

  • An action plan for difficult situations
  • Effective boundary setting tips
  • Bossy bride and groom protocols

Wedding Planner Hot List: Design Board Inspiration and Execution - Tracey Manailescu and Danielle Andrews, Founders, The Wedding Planners Institute of Coordination

What’s hot. What’s not. It’s not enough to pin a pretty picture with no action plan. Learn next year’s hottest trends that look as good online as they do in person.

  • Trailblazing themes for the big day
  • Seriously stunning trends inspired by nature
  • Total personalization that doesn't look kitschy

The X Files: When An Untested Wedding Pro Is Thrown At You - Emily Sullivan, Owner & Lead Destination Planner, Emily Sullivan Events

The bride’s second cousin opened a floral shop and now you are stuck. She insists on a cakery that no one has ever heard of and a DJ that has bad reviews.

  • Strategies when the vendor won't play by your rules
  • Vendor training you must put newbies through
  • What to say when you are left speechless

Tradition Mixology: Create Modern Multi-Cultural Customs - Sonal Shah, Owner, Sonal J Shah Events Consultants

The bride and groom are mixing their South Asian, Jewish, and Christian heritage. They want their religious and ethnic backgrounds to be celebrated with a modern twist.

  • A guide for multiple religions and heritages
  • Creative multicultural infused looks
  • How to successfully plan multiple ceremonies for the same couple

The Never-Ending Story: Stop Planning The Same Wedding Over and Over Again - Sasha Souza, Celebrity Event Designer/Author, Sasha Souza Events

You feel trapped into doing exactly what your couples tell you to do - even if you've already done 150 blush and white and green weddings...sigh. You know that the client can have so much more but what you are missing is how to sell your opinion, but you're also afraid you won't get the job if you try to get them to do something different. It's a never-ending story of running on your own Golden Hamster Wheel doing the same thing over and over again. Sasha will instruct on how to be persistent, efficient, come up with creative new ideas and sell them to the client.

  • See visuals of how clients are sold on new and innovative ideas
  • Learn about a sales process to convince a client to do something outside their Pinterest board
  • See an event from beginning to end through the sales process design

On The Money: Pricing Strategies For Wedding Planners - Brit Bertino, event excellence, Totty Belt and Simply Weddings Las Vegas

Florist charge for flowers. Caterers charge for food...But you charge for your time and expertise. Make your prices work for you without alienating potential clients.

  • Percentage-based pricing vs. packages
  • When day-of planning is worth it
  • Real planner price lists shared

Globe Trotter: Planner’s Guide To Destination Weddings - Dee Gaubert, No Worries Events

Destination weddings are on the rise. Renew your passport and pack your bags.

  • Lesser known tips for planning abroad
  • Samples of pricing structure and travel stipends
  • What responsibilities should be left to the travel agent

The Millionaire Matchmaker: Attract The Seven Figure Couples - Andrea Eppolito, Andrea Eppolito Events

Ultra-luxe weddings are the most desired but hardest to win. This exclusive clientele represents less than 1% of engaged couples. What drives the super rich, and how do you attract them?

  • Marketing dos and don'ts to attract the luxury bride
  • Sales meeting role play
  • What makes high end clients different

Totally Tutera: Celebrity Wedding Secrets - David Tutera, Lead Wedding & Entertaining Expert

As wedding planner to the stars, David reveals his secrets to creating unforgettable events. Hear his inspirations and innovations as he dishes about planning his own wedding!