Wedding Videography Seminars

Wedding Videography Seminars

Legends Of Tomorrow: Next Year's Must-Have Video Gear - Chip Goolsby, Godfather Films

Technology is moving faster than ever. When do you give in to your desire to upgrade? Is a new UHD camcorder a good investment or a waste of cash? Discover where to save and when to splurge.

  • Upcoming equipment reviews and trends
  • Which gear will come down in price
  • Resolution differences you can't ignore

Mr. And Mrs. Robot: Automated Systems For Your Wedding Video Business - Stephanie Yun, Ace Of Heart Films

Most videographers don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Emails are missed, sales calls are delayed, and important details are overlooked. There is a better way.

  • Eliminate this one time-suck that drains your time and creativity
  • Tools to automate procedures in your day to day
  • Top-performing videography logistics uncovered

Mission Impossible: Sell Video To Over-Budget Brides - Mark Cade, Owner, Mountain Fresh Films

Do you feel like video is last on her wedding wish list? Video is what’s left over after she’s bought her dress, venue, caterer, and photographer. Move up the wedding food chain and become the one service she must have.

  • How to sell against low-cost competitors
  • Sales scripts that feel natural
  • How to get your up-sell up-front

The Never-Ending Video: Get More Business From Planners, Venues, And Photographers - John Goolsby, Godfather Films

There is no single magic bullet to slay your sales beast. Bridal shows and online advertising are strong weapons in your marketing arsenal, but referrals can put you over the top.

  • How to get your foot in the door
  • The huge referral mistake wedding videographers make
  • Should you pay a referral fee

The Drone Wars: Videographers Guide To Shooting Weddings at 400 Feet - Lindsey Conklin, Le Reve Films

Drones give an epic cinematographic perspective of the wedding day. Couples crave that macro view that makes you look like a Hollywood hotshot.

  • Drone gear comparison
  • Piloting techniques for capturing the best aerial shots
  • Insurance and legal checklists for flying commercial drones

Can You Hear Me Now: High-Fi Ceremony Audio And Back-Up - Lindsey Conklin, Le Reve Films

The biggest complaint couples have after watching their wedding video is audio quality. With so many choices for new equipment how do you know where to spend and when to save?

  • Must have gear for capturing the best quality audio
  • Audio capturing techniques
  • Remove background noise from audio files in post production-live demo

A Star Is Born: Get Featured And Make Your Clients Famous - Paul Santiago, Owner, Boffo Video

Featured weddings provide instant credibility, free marketing, and more referrals for your videography business.

  • Ideal video length for submission
  • How to find the contacts that actually make the decisions
  • Submission guidelines for top wedding blogs

Reel In The Likes: Social Media Tell All For Videographers- Open Mic - Meghan Ely, Wedding Wire and Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound Event Services

Relationships reign supreme in the world of videography, whether it's face-to-face or screen-to-screen. It's no surprise that online and in-person 'likes' can go a long way in bringing in more business. Join industry experts Kevin Dennis and Meghan Ely as they dive into strategies for building your virtual relationships, as well as growing your network, so that you can make your way onto the ever-coveted vendor referral lists.

  • Social media strategies to stay connected and engaged with your couples and vendors
  • In-person networking strategies that will lead to more clients
  • The top things you can don on the Big Day that will guarantee more referrals