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Wedding Weather: Forecast Of Next Year’s Trends

Think marbled wedding cakes, brunch ceremonies, industrial venues, and polished details. Next year’s wedding trends are more creative that ever. Grab your umbrella - this presentation rains new ideas!

  • Wanderlust-inspired details
  • Edison bulbs, foliage, and new metallic
  • Large installations worth the effort

  • Going Hollywood: Weddings On The Big Screen

    Day-to-day life can be monotonous. A good movie transports the audience, and so can an inspired wedding. As the set director, you carefully compose each space and color and use design to deepen the narrative.

  • Hollywood-tested set tricks and tips
  • Over-sized designs that travel with ease
  • Movie inspiration translated to weddings

  • Heartbreak Hotel: Managing The Couple's Expectations

    Expectations are tricky. Sometimes they are based on data you curate; like advertising, wedding expo booth, or website. Sometimes, expectations are merely dreams. When wedding couples have a mental image of something that does not match reality, the claws, fangs, and tears can appear out of nowhere.

  • Step by step guide to setting and managing expectations
  • Communication style revamp
  • What to do when you miss the mark

  • Cyber Bully: Virtual Plan Of Attack

    The demanding text at 2:00 am. The bogus social media post. The bad review that made you lose your appetite. With cyber bullies just a click away, your business survival depends on the right response.

  • Clever ways to deal with cyberbullies
  • How to protect your ego and reputation
  • Fight or flight

  • Lead Magnet: Effective Drip Campaigns For Wedding Businesses

    Couples inquire on your website, but don’t book. You meet them at a wedding expo, but they ghost their scheduled appointment. Are you ready to convert your leads to actual sales?

  • Content-driven call-to-action emails
  • Metrics that measure where your ad budget can be cut
  • Real-world multi-part ad campaigns

  • Cold Shoulder: Why They Don’t Book You

    Unanswered emails and texts. Cancelled meetings. Un-opened proposals. Not every couple books. Turn painful rejections into a learning experience.

  • Insight from real newlyweds and their turn-offs
  • Conversion rate mystery solved
  • How cold prospects become hot buyers

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