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Adulting: Work/Life Balance During A Pandemic

As an entrepreneur, your to-do list never ends. As soon as one wedding is complete, you are prepping for the next one. You have groceries to buy, kids to carpool, and bills to pay. How do you fit it all in without throwing everything out of balance?

  • Tools to preserve your work/life balance
  • How to time-block efficiently
  • Warning signs that you are spread to thin

The Closer: Get The Sale During The First Conversation In Person Or Online

In football, there is no such thing as an “almost win.” It’s the same in sales. If you fail to close a sale, it’s no better than fumbling the football on the one-yard line. You can’t pay your bills with Almost Cash from an Almost Sale. Learn how to seal the deal during your first conversation.

  • Size a client up without them knowing it
  • Create a sense of urgency without looking desparate
  • See to your strength without revealing your weakness

Law And Disorder: Shield Your Business From Cancellations And Trolls

What do you do when the couple cancels? How do you deal with negative online reviews? Does your contract protect you from errors and omissions? Learn how to keep your money with an enforceable non-refundable deposit policy. Preserve your sanity with a contract that makes your clients love you and protects your reputation when things go wrong.

  • Contract wording to keep payments when they cancel
  • Language to manage client expectations with contracts
  • Resolve disputes with integrity

Throw Your Shade Elsewhere: Fight Bad Online Reviews

Your heart races and your hands shake as you read your latest online review. You worked so hard to build your stellar reputation...and now this. One couple with a small budget and unrealistic expectations drags you, your business, and your reputation through the mud. What do you do first?

  • Stop bad reviews before they start
  • Common review mistakes and mishaps
  • When the troll isn't even a customer

911 What's Your Emergency: Disaster Proof Your Business

The unexpected is lurking, watching, and waiting to pop out of nowhere. From pandemics to natural disasters a wedding pro must be ready to step up in a time of crisis. Don’t let the unexpected ravage your business.

  • Crisis that every event pro should prepare for
  • Communicate sensitive messages to others in dire situations
  • Actionable tips for restoration and rebuilding your business

Smooth Operator: Generate Quality Leads Immediately

From coast to coast, wedding pros struggle to generate new leads in today’s dot-com, instant-gratification world. A consistent lead generation program is vital to your long-term success. Stop shadow boxing with a vague approach and learn these impressive and comprehensive lead-generating techniques.

  • Build strong lead strategies for email marketing
  • Facebook and Instagram game plans
  • The number one lead generation fail

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