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Insta-Cash: Turn Instagram Into Your Personal ATM Machine

Yes, your Instagram feed is inundated with smiling couples, cake closeups, and glitzy centerpieces. Beyond all those images your target clients are hiding in plain sight. The best content creators care more about creating new customers than how many hearts they win.

  • Best ways to find your target audience on Instagram
  • Use the T.E.A.S.E method to generate
  • Create content that converts followers into daily sales

  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Passé Wedding Looks That Need An Ultimatum

    We’ve had a good run with flower crowns and the color blush, but it’s time to move on. Rustic chic is getting on our nerves, and overdone signage is just too needy. DIY crafts and faux calligraphy are breaking our hearts. We are never, ever getting back together.

  • What trends to pick a fight with
  • Small details with large impact
  • Next year’s wedding décor that looks better than your ex

  • Future Of The Wedding Industry: Everything Has Changed

    Millennials have transformed the wedding industry, They are getting married in fewer numbers and later in life than previous generations. These differences are having an impact on the wedding industry and will shift even more in future years.

  • How digital innovation and tech modifies buying patterns
  • Adapt with insights into the millennial mind
  • Who the new decision makers will be

  • Social Addiction: Create Stand-Out Social Media Content

    Good social media campaigns help start a sales conversation, build authority, and get your wedding brand to stand out. In the wedding industry consistent social media branding could mean the difference between making a modest income and becoming financially independent.

  • Clever ways to infuse humor and personality into your brand’s voice
  • Addictive behind the scenes content from other wedding pros
  • Photog tips that make your visuals more engaging

  • Closing Time: Get Them To Sign On The Line

    Closing the sale is an evolving art. The way couples buy is changing. What worked last year isn’t as effective today. It’s time to arm yourself with our next generation techniques for closing the sale.

  • New buying patterns and how to adapt to them
  • Become the trusted adviser and avoid sleazy sales tactics
  • Trigger words that can help you close any deal

  • The Goldilocks Strategy: 2019 Price Lists From Real Wedding Pros

    Today’s couples crave pricing transparency. Planning a wedding is confusing and no one likes hidden fees. The Goldilocks Strategy is a “just right” pricing approach that leads to increased trust and more sales.

  • Packages vs. A-la-carte
  • Negotiating versus discounting
  • How and when to talk about price

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