Beauty Seminars

Vanity: Beauty Branding For Your Hair And Makeup Business - Katie Cotton, Owner, Cotton Rouge And Company

Millennials require a completely different marketing plan. They don’t respond to traditional methods like previous generations. Learn how to create a successful campaign that appeals to today’s brides.

  • Authentic beauty brand messages
  • Turn online leads into in person appointments
  • How to create a cohesive brand image

Clean Beauty: Pretty Looks - Sans Harmful Ingredients - Cassandra McClure, Award Winning Clean Beauty Expert

The US hasn’t passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. Your brides are savvy. They want to know which ingredients are being applied their face. Be ahead of the millennial trend toward health-conscious beauty.

  • Good for you products without all the additives
  • List of ingredients to avoid
  • Modify your makeup bag

Easy On The Eyes: What You Can Learn From Social Media Influencers - Brett Dorrian, Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios

The selfie generation allows a novice to master makeup tricks that were previously known only to professional makeup artists. Beauty vloggers have raised the social beauty bar. How do you mimic what she loves from her beauty influencers?

  • Best social media for your audience
  • Makeup tops for HD photography and social media posts
  • Dos and don’ts for before-and-afters and tutorials

The Oscar Goes To: Beauty Ideas From The Red Carpet - Victorai Caroleo, Owner and Artist, Victoria Elizabeth Offical

Bridal beauty shouldn’t be basic, boring, or predictable - it just has to be flattering to the woman who is wearing it. Borrow ideas from the celebrities who set the trends.

  • Prep before you paint - skin care techniques
  • Hair trends for the bride, mom, and maids
  • Latest in celebrity eyes, lips, and cheeks

The Beauty Bar: - Stop Concealing - Jennifer Trotter, Lip Service Makeup

When hair and makeup artistry is your career choice, there are days when your job is definitely more business than blush. Learn techniques to manage your client's experience while making your job easier and more fun at the same time..

  • Crazy Inquiries - How to handle unrealistic request, understand what your client really needs and quote it correctly
  • Planning Timelines - Tips for assigning staff, planning the right amount of time and working with your vendor team
  • Must have strategies to stay on schedule on wedding day

Flawless: Beauty Price Lists - Katelyn McCullough, Elwynn + Cass

The average woman spends over $4,000 a year on beauty products and services. But she shudders at your price for the most important beauty day of her life. How do you get paid what you are worth?

  • Mobile beauty companies real price lists
  • Minimum package pricing you should implement now
  • Common mistakes beauty pros make when pricing their services