Beauty Seminars

Beauty Seminars

BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT: Price Lists For Wedding Hair and Makeup - Ashley Backs, Owner, Hello Lovely

You know that the way she looks on her wedding day is her top priority. But she doesn’t want to pay top dollar for your services.  Is it time for a wedding service makeover?

  • Bridal package minimums
  • Group rates and discounts
  • Price list overhaul

Sell. Refer. Repeat.: Your Guide To Referrals - Katie Cotton, Owner, Cotton Rouge And Company

Referrals are among the top ways beauty pros get new business.  Then why do so many struggle when it comes to asking for them?

  • The main reason makeup artists don’t get the referral
  • Leverage stylized photo shoo
  • Bride referral programs

Around The Town: Local Beauty Events - Ashley Riddle, Owner, Updos For I Dos

What could be more glam than champagne, photoshoots, and makeovers?  Put wheels on that makeup case and get going.

  • Expos and fashion shows
  • Stand alone makeup events and open houses
  • Smart partnerships

2019 Glam Report: Next Year’s Hottest Bridal Looks And Products - Brett Dorrian, Owner And Lead Artist, Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios

One of the most exciting things that define each wedding season are all the new beauty trends and products.  Is your beauty portfolio ready for a refresh?

  • Runway trends that translate to weddings
  • Brands that give you the most from your beauty investment
  • Learn from other beauty pro favorites

The Beauty Sale: Bridal Party Closing Techniques - Meghan Payne, Owner, Makeup In The 702

Venues, gown shops, caterers, and florists have it easy because they are selling a product.  You are selling something abstract, the promise of looking gorgeous on their wedding day.

  • Beauty-centric sales tips
  • Hot button objections
  • How to close the sale fast

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Reflect Your Brand - Jennifer Trotter, Lip Service Consulting

It’s her big day.  She’s spent hours researching, and when it comes to her wedding look she must be certain that she can trust you.  If your brand doesn't look flawless how can she expect the same for herself?

  • Offline branding tips
  • Social media and website must haves
  • How to stand out from your competition