Photo Booth Seminars

Photo Booth Seminars

Photo Booth Trendsetter: Top 5 Photo Booth Trends for Weddings - Brian Miller, Owner, LA Photo Party

As soon as a photo booth trend goes mainstream, the marketing power behind it loses momentum. Stay ahead of your competitors and book more weddings with these photo booth trends.

  • The creating process behind photo booth trends
  • Tech needed to make unforgettable memories
  • Where the photo booth industry is headed

Gear Heads: Next Year’s Amazing Photo Booth Features - Bill Vahrenkamp, Owner, Imaging Spectrum

Photo booths are like the latest iPhone - a new model is always just around the corner. Don’t waste your money on photo booths and accessories with a short shelf life. Our photo booth expert reveals future photo booth must-haves.

  • Next year’s best photo booths
  • Software comparison
  • Photo booths with the best social media

Underexposed: Social Booths That Travel -

Millennials are obsessed with posting images online. The more your photos are shared, the better your chances of getting free publicity for your photo booth business.

  • Booths that double as lead collection devices
  • Wedding expos, charity events, and open houses
  • Boost your social media exposure

Snap Judgement: Be Their First Choice -

Photo booths are one of the few wedding pros that don’t always meet in person to close the sale. When the wedding couple searches for photo booths, over 2 million results appear on their screen. With so many choices, how do they choose you?

  • Get on the first page within your market
  • Why price isn’t the most important factor
  • Websites that sell

After The Sale and Before The Event: Create A Better Photo Booth Experience - Rich Lange, Owner, Remarkable Receptions and Blue Bulb Photo Booth

As a photo booth owner you concentrate on customer care on two days; the day you close the sale and the wedding day.  But, the time period between these days is where sales magic can happen. Create a plan that can grow your business and profits.

  • Strategies from other industries that work in your photo booth business
  • Automated photo booth follow up plans
  • Photo booth up-sell opportunities

Branded Booths: Embrace Your Photo Booth's Brand Through Creativity - Caroline Winata, Owner, Giggle And Riot Funbooths

Running a photo booth company is exhausting. You book wedding couples, update your existing booths, and manage your upcoming events. There is barely enough time to sleep--let alone think about how to build a brand identity. But without a solid brand, you are just a commodity, forced to compete on price alone.

  • Build a successful photo booth brand
  • Photo booth themes that set you apart
  • Innovation inspiration