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Less Selling More Telling: The Photo Booth Guest Experience - Rich Lange, Owner, Remarkable Receptions and Blue Bulb Photo Booth

Everyone has access to the same gear, booths, props, and backdrops. To get more than your fair share of the business you have to be different.

  • Brainstorm with the couple to create a custom photo booth experience
  • Surefire ways to close the photo booth sale
  • Over the top packaging

The Photo Booth Project: Props, Backdrops, And Customization - Caroline Winata, Owner, Giggle And Riot Funbooths

The gift of storytelling doesn’t just happen. A good visual storyteller is intentional about crafting their messages through imagery. Booth owners everywhere are learning to become better storytellers. Use customized props and backdrops to attract new customers, build brand loyalty, and upsell.

  • Fun theme ideas, photos, and backdrops
  • Guide to innovate with the help of your customers
  • Booth branding dos and don’ts

Fun Money: Why You Must Add A Photo Booth Now - KC Campbell, CEO, VOX DJs

Adding a photo booth to your service is so much more than just day of. Venues, planners, florists, beauty, and gown shops are waking up to the profit and marketing potential secrets that DJs have known for years. The social media aspect of a Photo Booth can propel your business to the next level.

  • Use a Photo Booth to launch your new online campaign
  • How a Photo Booth can help close the sale
  • Which Photo Booth features are needed for each specialty