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Booth Sleuth: Social Media For Photo Booths

Social media can make or break your Photo Booth business. Fortunately, you have built-in fresh social content with every event you do. Are you converting enough of those followers into customers?

  • Projection video, Boomerang GIF's, glamour, animated overlay, and prop color
  • High tech props
  • New software updates

Be My Guest: Leverage Guest Connections Into Future Profits

Photo Booths are the modern wedding guest book. Most guests take the time to visit your photo booth at the reception. Get the opt-ins you need to make your profits go viral.

  • Incentives that get guests to share instantly
  • Efficient ways to convert your database into future business
  • After-event add-ons that are found money

Photo Booth Standout: Compete In A Crowded Market

Photo booths seem to be ubiquitous at weddings. It’s an expense worth the splurge in this selfie generation. But new photo booth competitors seem to pop up weekly. How do you compete in this crowded marketplace?

  • Best ways to get more bookings than your competition
  • Optimal time to expand
  • Hire and train your team

CORPORATE TAKEOVER: Photo Booth Expansion

You started your Photo Booth business doing weddings. Now it’s time to expand your business into the lucrative world of corporate events to double your profits.

  • Ideas to build your database
  • Best ways to market your brand at events
  • Social media connections that corporate clients demand

SALES PROPS: New Decade - New Sales Ideas

It’s hard to be a good sales person when all your customer wants to do is talk price. New competitors pop up online and at wedding expos. Unmanned booth rentals are challenging the starting price for your Photo Booths. How do you sell when the number of booths are at an all-time high?

  • Sell against low-priced competition
  • Sales techniques that secure a booking
  • New Photo Booth up-sells and add-ons

Think Outside The Booth: Life-Sized Photo Booth Trends

As a Photo Booth owner, you have to stand out. If you only offer basic backdrops and paper props what makes your company in demand? Set design for your booths create a photo experience.

  • Life-sized boats, bathtubs, furniture, and 3-d designs
  • Movie-inspired backdrops
  • Affordable interpretations of luxe looks