Wedding Designer and Trend Convention

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Wedding Designer Tell All: Five Things They Need To Know About Your Job

A wedding designer collaborates with couples to create a color scheme, theme, and visuals for the event. They are in charge of communicating their vision with the wedding professionals to create a cohesive look.

  • Sell the difference between a wedding designer and a planner
  • Methods to get more referrals from wedding planners
  • Market your designer work

In Your Dreams: Wedding Design Board Discoveries

Design boards get the ideas out of your head and on paper (or the computer screen). Design Boards are your most powerful non-verbal tools to book the sale, keep your couples happy, and maintain a consistent look.

  • Define the wedding mood before you start the Pinterest binge
  • Make sense of your couples' chaotic and nonsensical visions
  • Presentation Day dos and don'ts

Design Star: Interior Design Principles Reimagined For Weddings

Interior designers make indoor spaces functional, safe, and beautiful with the manipulation of colors, light, and materials. Wedding designers follow the same path.

  • Use blueprints and to-scal drawings to define your design
  • Focal points, contrast, and design details
  • Common scale and proportion mishaps

On Display: Wedding Design Presentation Day

You’re equal parts nervous and excited. You have put in many hours of work to make this wedding look stylish without being overdone, now it’s time to present your vision to the wedding couple.

  • Technical know-how to take your sketches from hand-drawn to digital
  • Best resources to help you sell design ideas
  • Presentation dos and don'ts

Artfully Arranged: Next Year's Floral Design Trends

Moody colors and luxury are at the heart of floral styles for next year. Velvet metals paired with rich and warm jewel tones make any wedding feel like an upscale affair. Get the latest in all the floral trends your wedding couples will be drooling over.

  • Soft mood floral color palettes
  • Metallic touches and color enhancement blooms
  • Posh and polished vessels and vases

Designer Preview: The Next Florals, Installs, And Linens

Designs get bigger and more extravagant for next year. It’s time to put the Pinterest away and construct a dream of your own.

  • The hottest floral and linen pairings
  • Affordable designer quality installs
  • Details that demand their attention