Wedding Design And Trend Seminars

Wedding Weather: Forecast Of Next Year's Trends - Terrica Skaggs, Chief Planner & Designer, Cocktails & Details

Think marbled wedding cakes, brunch ceremonies, industrial venues, and polished details. Next year’s wedding trends are more creative than ever. Grab your umbrella - this presentation rains new ideas.

  • Wanderlust-inspired details
  • Edison bulbs, foliage, and new metallic
  • Large installations worth the effort

Timeless Trends: For The Ceremony, Reception, And Everything In-Between - Danielle Andrews & Tracey Manailescu, Co-Founders, The Wedding Planners Institute of Coordination

The new year will bring new ideas for all things wedding, but what about the trends that transcend time? Anyone for vintage glam with a twist?

  • Decade ideas worth keeping
  • Lighting, food, linen, and décor images from real weddings
  • Simplicity reimagined

Brave New World: Hot New Wedding Trends and What To Do About Them - Bernadette Baille, Director of Sales Training & Education, The Knot

To understand what couples are really asking for and where the trends are heading is paramount to growing your wedding business. To uncover what’s new and next, hear Bernadette Baillie from The Knot present the latest insights and trends. Learn real-time style data from The Knot Vision Card and The Knot Real Wedding Study.

  • New real wedding trends and insights for the year
  • Translate trends to work for you and your business
  • The evolution of the barn wedding venue trend

News Travels Fast: Social Media's Impact On Trends - Kate Patay, Chief Strategist, Patay Consulting

Social media platforms reach most brides and grooms in real time. Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs make new styles accessible and easily imitated. Trends start on the runway and quickly translate to weddings.

  • Translate the latest in fashion to weddings
  • Inspiration from these online influencers
  • Designer details that add luxury

Publisher's Cheering House: Stylized Shoots - Lindsay Barrows, Owner, Custom Love Gifts

Stylized shoots are everywhere. From blogs, social media, and online portfolios, they’re multiplying. Give publishers what they want, and they will become your biggest cheerleader.

  • Create stylized shoots that publishers want to publish
  • Multiple branding experiences with a single photo shoot
  • Add video elements to extend your reach

Dream Maker: Building Your Brand From The Ground Up - David Caruso, Owner, Dynamic Events

When she closes her eyes and dreams about her wedding, she doesn’t see price tags. Don’t be the one who crushes her fantasy by telling her what she can’t afford.

  • Scaled-down designs that feel expensive
  • Cost conscious suppliers
  • Keep her happy and stay on budget