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Clairvoyant: Wedding Trend Predictions - Bron Hansboro, Chief Creative, The Flower Guy Bron

Gaze into our crystal ball for the 2020 trends. Get ahead of these dynamic changes and couples will trust your ideas, fresh perspectives, and savvy wedding expertise.

  • Curated trends for geo regions and price points
  • Texture, sustainability, fluid color schemes
  • Minimalist designs that exude decadence

Prism Break: Millennial Approved Seasonal Color - Heather Benge, Owner, Heather Benge Events

Winter brings ice blue frozen ponds, silver snowflakes, and mink-colored sweaters. Spring combines pepper green gardens, aspen gold sunshine, and sweet lilacs. Summer is the time of coral sherbert, hot pink flamingos, and aquamarine pools. Fall reveals tawny port wine, spruce trees, and autumn maple dreams.

  • Color palettes for 2020
  • Unlikely color combinations inspired by the seasons
  • Hue-driven design boards for practical applications

Sweet 16: Sixteen Creative Wedding Trends - Terrica, Chief Planner & Designer, Cocktails & Details

Looking towards a new decade, the most arresting wedding trends are anything but obvious. But how do you take a widespread trend and customize it for your couples in your geo-specific area?

  • Food and beverage, flowers, gown, venue, and decor ideas
  • Online influencers who stay ahead of the trends
  • Guest Experience winners and losers

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Passe Wedding Looks That Need An Ultimatium - David Caruso, Owner, Dynamic Events

We’ve had a good run with flower crowns and the color blush, but it’s time to move on. Rustic chic is getting on our nerves, and overdone signage is just too needy. DIY crafts and faux calligraphy are breaking our hearts. We are never, ever getting back together.

  • What trends to pick a fight with
  • Small details with large impact
  • Next year’s wedding décor that looks better than your ex