Begins Monday, November 8, 2021 2:00 PM

Concludes Wednesday, November 10, 2021 5:30 PM





Begins Monday, November 8, 2021 2:00 PM

Concludes Wednesday, November 10, 2021 5:30 PM



Wedding Planner Seminars

150 Seminars

Up Your Income: Increase Your Planner Revenue In 2021 - Megan Gillikin, Owner, A Southern Soiree Wedding & Event Planning and Weddings For Real Podcast

As a planner you are staying busy rescheduling wedding dates and reassuring stressed out wedding couples that you have solutions. But how much of your time is spent creating new income for your wedding business?

  • Planner revenue streams that tie into your core offerings
  • Take a quiz to determine your planner super power
  • Ten ways to diversify your income

The Art Of Wedding Coordination: Produce A Successful Event Every Time - Terrica, Chief Planner & Designer, Cocktails & Details

Great weddings are not only planned; they are executed and managed. You know a planner must be a quick problem solver, mediator, producer, and team player. Rock a proven planner system that highlights your talents and guarantees event success.

  • Tips for a dynamic and in-depth timeline
  • What to include in your event management contract
  • Wedding day pitfalls to avoid

Your Net Worth: Planner Price Lists And Competitors - Sasha Souza, Owner, Sasha Souza's Consultancy For Creatives

You may have started your planner business for reasons that had nothing to do with money. But if you’re not charging enough, your business won't be around for long. How much is enough? We uncover hidden factors and help you calculate that magic number.

  • Maximum price vs maximum profit
  • Profit margins on high-end and budget weddings
  • How to really look at your competitor's prices

Scary Wedding Stories: Wedding Planner Covid Nightmares - Renee Dalo, Owner and Lead Planner, Moxie Bright Events

You wake up in a cold sweat after a night of fitful sleep. Did the caterer increase the guest count after the latest RSVPs? Was the florist able to match the cantaloupe accent color for the centerpieces? Did the venue remove the ugly wall hangings from the entryway? You have your plan together. What about everyone else?

  • When the couple keeps changing their minds
  • Fixes for both big and small nightmares
  • How to show them that you're the boss

Planner Preview: The Next Florals, Installs, And Linens - Andrea Eppolito, Owner, Andrea Eppolito Wedding and Events

Designs are getting bigger and more extravagant for next year. It’s time to put Pinterest away and construct a dream of your own.

  • The hottest florals and linen pairings
  • Affordable designer-quality installs
  • Details that grab their attention

Swipe Right: Match With Your Best Wedding Couples In Challenging Times - Amber Anderson, Owner, Refine For Wedding Planners

As a planner, the difference between loving your job or hating it depends on choosing the right wedding couples. You didn’t leave your 9-to-5 corporate life to be overworked and underpaid by less-than-ideal clients. You have the right to interview your couples to determine if they are a fit.

  • Red flags that scream no
  • Pre-qualification and sales interview process
  • Reject the wrong clients with grace

Minute To Win It: The Psychology Of First Impressions - Andrea Eppolito, Owner, Andrea Eppolito Weddings and Events

First impressions last much longer than the 30 seconds they take to create. Snap judgements are not always accurate, but they endure. How can you make sure your non-verbals actually communicate that you are the pro they should hire?

  • Make more that an impression, make a connection
  • Factors that create a better first encounter
  • Forbidden words that immediately kill a sale