Wedding Videographer Convention

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Shooting Star: Your Guide To Corporate Video Business - Jordan Bunch, Lumix Global Ambassador, Owner, Jordan Bunch Productions, and host of the Film Mavericks Show

Everyone loves a good wedding… but are they enough to pay the bills and have money left over at the end of the month? Corporate video can be the answer.

  • Win corporate jobs
  • Leverage your wedding video skills to become a corporate powerhouse
  • Web-series, documentaries, and podcasts

It's Not About The Video: Audio and Lighting Techniques for Wedding Videographers - Lindsey Conklin, Owner, Le Reve Films

The most important piece of equipment in your camera bag is not the camera. Proper audio and lighting are crucial to achieve a professional and cinematic experience.

  • Audio capture techniques
  • How to edit audio when things go wrong
  • Lighting techniques

Cinemagraphic Magic: How To Create, Market, And Brand With Cinemagraphs - Joe Switzer, Owner, Switzer Films

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a cinemagraph is worth a million. Cinemagraphs capture our attention with their ethereal qualities and help set your videography business apart from your competitors.

  • Determine which part of the image should be in motion, time saving tips, smart photo planning
  • Photoshop tricks that make your cinemagraph look professional not novice
  • How to make this add on a revenue generating machine for wedding and commercial clients