Wedding Videographer Seminars

Wedding Videographer Seminars

A Star Is Born: Get Featured And Make Your Clients Famous - Paul Santiago, Owner, Boffo Video

Featured weddings provide instant credibility, free marketing, and more referrals for your videography business.

  • Ideal video length for submission
  • How to find the contacts that actually make the decisions
  • Submission guidelines for top wedding blogs

Reel In The Likes: Social Media Tell All For Videographers- Open Mic - Meghan Ely, Expert – WeddingWire, and Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound Event Services

Relationships reign supreme in the world of videography, whether it’s face-to-face or screen-to-screen. It’s no surprise that online and in-person ‘likes’ can go a long way in bringing in more business. Build your virtual relationships,grow your network, and jump onto the ever-coveted vendor referral lists.

  • Social media strategies to stay connected and engaged with your couples and vendors
  • In-person networking strategies that will lead to more clients
  • The top things you can do on the wedding day that will guarantee more referrals

Limitless Video: Expand Your Possibilities - Andreas Hauke, Hauke Films

There is no official expiry date on a wedding film company that produces high quality productions. There is plenty of room to grow and expand. The wedding couple is not your only client. Think of the bigger picture and extend your wedding network.

  • Create networking groups to grow your brand
  • How to translate your wedding skills into the corporate market
  • Why video is the future

Capture Up Your SEO: Increase Your Google Ranking - Jason Hennessey, Owner, Hennessey Consulting

Every videographer suffers from the same problem...getting found in a crowded marketplace.

  • How do you show up on the first page of google
  • Reverse engineer your website, Live!
  • Optimize for Google Local

Weekday Warrior: Break Into Corporate Videos - John Goolsby, Owner, Godfather Films

Saturday weddings are a great profit generator, but what about the rest of the week? Take your same equipment and turn your excess capacity into over-the-top cash.

  • How to break into corporate video
  • 3 ways corporate storytelling is different from weddings
  • Biggest mistakes of corporate video newbies

In Focus: The Best Videography Gear of 2019 - Lindsey Conklin, Owner, Le Reve Films

Artists use paint and canvas. Videographers use cameras, lighting, drones, and motion sliders. Be a modern cinematographer without spending all your profits.

  • Next year’s must-have video equipment
  • Accessories that are worth the investment
  • Over-hyped gear that doesn’t measure up