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Time In A Bottle: Video Sales Techniques

When the honeymoon is over, all that’s left are the memories. But the best photograph doesn’t capture motion or sound. Too late, couples realize how much they missed or have already forgotten. Their biggest regret is not having a professional video. How do you persuade couples before the wedding how much they will appreciate video after the wedding?

  • Convince wedding couples to spend on videography
  • Which scenes in your Sneak Preview guarantee a sale
  • Price points that yield max profits

Illusion Of Motion: Wedding Video Trends

The rapid evolution of technology has impacted wedding video trends. Hi-tech weddings now feature interactive components that were previously impossible. As a videographer, you must constantly update your art to stay relevant and competitive.

  • Integrate Parallax Scrolling effect into your packages
  • High tech weddings with cinematic drone shots
  • Wedding video editing trends

Socially Prolific: Wedding Video's Massive Edge

Other wedding pros have to spend extra time and money to generate online video content. Videographers have the built-in advantage of shooting fresh content for social media with every wedding. Social media gets you the attention. But are you converting enough of those followers into customers?

  • Social sales techniques for videographers
  • Identify your best prospects with these keywords and phrases
  • 5 ways to engage with your customers authentically


Operating a business without a marketing video is like trying to succeed without a website. Other businesses want to hire you for their videos; they just don’t know it yet. Be the it person in the industry when businesses want the most compelling promo video.

  • Creative ways to network that don’t take up all your free time
  • Create a video sales letter
  • Fresh commercial ideas

ONCE UPON A TIME: Storytelling Through Video

Your job isn’t filmmaking; it's storytelling. You are an artist that uses motion to create a masterpiece. Focus on your storytelling skills through light, editing, and composition.

  • Power of light
  • Elevate the emotion in your films
  • Social-media-worthy shots

PRICING THE PRICELESS: Video Packages That Deliver Profits

When the couple finally contacts you, their budget is nearly spent. Aafter the wedding, about 25% of wedding couples who hire a videographer wish they spent more money on video. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 10,000 more. How do you encourage your couples to pick a videography package they will be happy with years after the wedding day?

  • Structure your packages so they don’t pick the least expensive option
  • Maximize your profits from each package
  • How to price social media options