Wedding Videographer Convention

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Shooting Star: Your Guide To Corporate Video Business - Jordan Bunch, Lumix Global Ambassador, Owner, Jordan Bunch Productions, and host of the Film Mavericks Show

Everyone loves a good wedding… but are they enough? To pay the bills and have money left over at the end of the month corporate video can be the answer.

  • 10 tips to win corporate jobs
  • Leverage your wedding video skills to become a corporate powerhouse
  • Web-series, documentaries, and podcasts

It's Not About The Video: Audio and Lighting Techniques for Wedding Videographers - Lindsey Conklin, Owner, Le Reve Films

The most important piece of equipment in your camera bag is not the camera. Proper audio and lighting are crucial to achieve a professional and cinematic experience.

  • Audio capture techniques
  • How to edit audio when things go wrong
  • Lighting techniques

Cinemagraphic Magic: How To Create, Market, And Brand With Cinemagraphs - Joe Switzer, Owner, Switzer Films

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a cinemagraph is worth a million. Cinemagraphs capture our attention with their ethereal qualities and help set your videography business apart from your competitors.

    Determine which part of the image should be in motion, time saving tips, smart photo planning
  • Photoshop tricks that make your cinemagraph look professional not novice
  • How to make this add on a revenue generating machine for wedding and commercial clients