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Over 150 Wedding Business Seminars

Candy-Colored Dreams: Trending Wedding Themes Of 2017

Our wedding trend curators collect and remix looks that resonate with wedding couples. They shape and mold what brides and grooms think they want into something fresh an innovative. Come to this seminar to learn:

  • •Retro beach looks
  • •Whimsical themes
  • •Decedent designs

Insta-Wed: Instagram Wedding Profits

Instagram links you to socially-connected brides and grooms. Don't know where to start? Come to this seminar to learn:

  • •3 ways to use #hashtags
  • •Create an Instagram photo contest to boost sales
  • •How to attract geo-specific followers

Boiler Room: Sales For Wedding Pros

On paper, selling is simple. In real life brides are demanding price lists without meeting you, comparing bridal show booths without saying a word and only responding to text messages. Come to this seminar to learn:

  • •Why the ABC rule is a myth
  • •What you should never say in a sales meeting
  • •Failure as a stepping stone

Confetti: Reception Trends

Are you tired of over-used table names? Does the mention of rustic chic make your eyes roll? does the thought of burlap give you hives? Come to this seminar to learn:

    •Cakes, lighting, food, flowers, decor, linens
  • •Creative floorplans you've never seen before
  • •Space constraints

The Princess Bride: Difficult Clients And How To Handle Them

All the dreams of a fairytale wedding suddenly become a royal nightmare when the real budget and actual logistics come into play. Gain the skills to easily deal with difficult clients. Come to this seminar to learn:

  • •How to handle nightmare clients
  • •Understand why people are difficult
  • •Knowing when to make a stand

One For The Money: Ten Ways To Boost Sales Without Discounting

Traditional discounting hit your bottom line hard. You own a real, full-time business that has high overhead. However, wedding couples frequently compare your high-end services to the bottom feeder leader on Craigslist. Come to this seminar to learn:

  • •Seasonal specials
  • •Smart contests
  • •After the wedding incentives
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