Gown Shop and Tuxedo Seminars

Gown Shop and Tuxedo Seminars

Bridal Gown Blueprint: Maximize Your Boutique's Floorplan - Robin Garrison

Small spaces, awkward alcoves, and wasted space affect your gown shop's bottom line. Where is the best place for point-of-sale? How do you comfortably fit a 10-person wedding party into your location?

  • Ideal fitting room dimensions
  • Window dressing obsessions
  • The hidden psychology behind the space you inhabit

Avant-Garde: 2017 Trends - Sans Fluff - The Knot

She dreams in lace, silk, and tulle. You dream that she buys the dress.

  • Fresh off-the-runway looks
  • Accessories that sell
  • Modern neckline designs

Love At First Sight: Book Her On The First Appointment - Wendy Rivera, Do You Speak Bride?

It's the biggest clothing purchase she will ever make. She has been brainwashed to think she has to visit every gown shop before she makes a final decision. But the moment she walks out your door, your chance of selling her a gown goes down by 50%.

  • Your free gift with purchase that will more than pay for itself
  • Sales scripts that feel natural
  • The most common sales mistake

Midnight Madness: The Experience Sell - Wendy Rivera - Do You Speak Bride?

Closing time can mean an opening for more money at your salon. Position your gown shop as a market leader by crafting the right parties, private appointments, and in store bridal shows.

  • Creative in-store event themes
  • How to set a price for private parties
  • In store cheat sheet for successful in store events

Say Yes To The Dress (Faster): Use Niche Marketing For Quicker Sales And Higher Profits While Making Your Competitors Irrelevant - Bill Konves, Owner, Elegant Bide The Marketing Launchpad

Explore the tools to identify your ideal bride. Get her to know, like, and trust you before her visit. Get her to purchase much quicker without going to your competitor.

  • How to identify your ideal segments
  • Use customer pain points to your advantage
  • Build massive trust BEFORE the appointment for a higher closing rate

Gown Shop Face-Off: Branding On Facebook - Jacqui Wadsworth, The Gilded Gown

Some of the most successful gown shops in the industry devote much of their advertising budget to Facebook. Is this how your marketing dollars should be spent?

  • What gown pictures to feature on FB
  • Year round gown shop branding
  • How to get the most our of your Facebook budget

Dress Up Your SEO: Design Your Google Ranking - Open Mic - Jason Hennessey, Hennessey Consulting

Every gown show suffers from the same problem...getting found in a crowded marketplace.

  • How do you show up on the first page of google
  • Reverse engineer your website, live
  • Geocode images for local SEO

What Not To Wear: The Right Dress For Each Body Type - Selina Howard, Owner, Vainglorious Brides

You can order from the most desirable labels in the industry; but if the dress doesn’t flatter her she won’t buy it.

  • Personal style, wedding style, and body type assessment techniques
  • Building a stylish and inclusive inventory
  • The top five things that brides wish you knew before and during their appointment