Wedding Venue Seminars

Wedding Venue Seminars

The Dark Side Of Wedding Venues: What To Do When You Get Blamed For Everything - Wedding Venue Speaker

If something goes wrong, it's always your fault. Other wedding pros think you are too controlling. They don't understand that any misstep will reflect on your venue.

  • Required preferred vendor training
  • How to fix the problem without taking the blame
  • Annual preferred fees for your venue

Income Property: The Reception Venue Close - John Kerr

Financially, you have the most to lose if your potentials don't book. Venue salespeople struggle with the final negotiation because there are so many details and decisions to be made.

  • Key words that produce results
  • Smart discounts that save you time and money
  • Step-by-step sales action plan

Venue Trend Report: Suspended Hors D'Oeuvres, Walk-About Entertainment, Craft Beer Stations - The Knot

If you are seen as an expert on all things weddings, brides and grooms will trust you when they book. Your couples are fed up with pre-packaged cookie-cutter ideas.

  • Show completely re-invented floorplans
  • Expressive themes that aren't mainstream
  • Rapid fire lookbook

Virtual Venues: A 360 Degree View Of Your Wedding Venue - Venue Specialty Speaker

Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Consumers are 39% more likely to share content if it's delivered via video, and 36% more likely to comment.

  • Virtual open houses that drive bookings
  • How to show off your venue's highlights
  • Venue social media campaigns that will take your breath away

House Of Cards: When Your Employees Make Everything Fall Apart - Venue Specialty Speaker

Some new hires are hard to train and quick to leave. Learn how to maximize your potential and grow your team without sacrificing your sanity.

  • Interview questions that tell you everything
  • Time efficient training techniques
  • Incentive programs that protect your hiring investments

Full House: Trade Secrets To Fill Your Calendar - Caroline Tucker

Hundreds of wedding couples visit your website, but never visit your venue. They walk by your bridal show booth, take your brochure... but never read it. They show up for the open house but never sign on the dotted line.

  • Why brides and grooms skip a venue
  • Re-vamping your open house to increase bookings
  • Sales techniques to increase your closing ratio