Wedding Venue Seminars

Wedding Venue Seminars

Reception Rejection: 5 Reasons Couples Don’t Book Your Venue -

Shopping for a wedding dress is fun.  Finding the right venue can be frustrating.  Couples are comparing your property to an internal checklist that they don’t share with you.

  • Hidden reasons brides and grooms book your competitor
  • Increase your venue’s sales conversion rate
  • Sales tricks that turn you into the venue front-runner

Venue Rebellion: Wedding Couples’ High Expectations - Allison Jacob, Executive VP, The Venue Association and Bill Zaruka, President Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center

Marriage rates are at an all-time low.  Competing wedding venues are at an all-time high.  Couples demand wedding products and services that cater to their whims.  Your venue has to feel like it was custom-built just for them. But you can’t knock down your venue and rebuild for every customer. Now what?

  • How do you compete with new venues that offer more and charge less
  • Make them feel like your venue is a blank slate they can alter
  • Selling to the Netflix generation

Venue Forecast: Celebrity Reception Trends About To Go Mainstream -

With the influence of Hollywood parties, reception trends are more opulent than ever.  Buckle your seatbelt and enjoy this fast-paced ride to the future.

  • Dramatic reception reveals
  • Industrial glam - think copper and white and Edison bulbs
  • After party venue transformations

The 13th Floor: Scary Scenes From Venue Disasters -

Free-range kids who throw rocks in fountains and draw art on walls.  Couples who don’t pay on time.  Loud music that makes the neighborhood HOA fume. Professionals who are anything but.  All this hassle turns you into a rage monster.

  • Avert gruesome missteps with this how-to guide
  • Horror stories with happy endings
  • What to do when disaster strikes

Virtual Venue: Use Video And 360 Images To Sell Your Packages -

The sales process starts the moment they view your website.  Wedding couples are searching for the ‘it’ factor in your location.  If they don’t find it online, they won’t visit you onsite.

  • Show wedding couples the best version of your venue
  • Capture quality imagery
  • How composition and lighting highlight your hidden features

Venue Vice: When Your Venue Takes Over Your Life - Wedding Venue Specialty Speaker

Are you tired of missing out on your own life while helping others celebrate theirs? Are you exhausted and overworked, rarely taking a weekend or evening to yourself? Would you like to hand over some of your day-to-day tasks to a well-trained venue team?

  • Avoid this huge hiring mistake
  • Tip your work / life balance in your favor
  • Which tasks to delegate or outsource

Flip The Script: Update Your Sales Presentation - Bill Zaruka, President Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center

Just to turn on the lights, pay your staff, and keep your grounds manicured your monthly fixed costs equal that of a small car. The pressure is on to stay in the black. Sell faster. Sell more.

  • Top 3 sales questions you should ask every time
  • How to fill your calendar...not just Saturday nights
  • Revamp the venue tour