Wedding Venue Seminars

Wedding Venue Seminars

Income Property: The Reception Venue Close - John Kerr

Financially, you have the most to lose if your potentials don't book. Venue salespeople struggle with the final negotiation because there are so many details and decisions to be made.

  • Key words that produce results
  • Smart discounts that save you time and money
  • Step-by-step sales action plan

Venue Trend Report: Suspended Hors D'Oeuvres, Walk-About Entertainment, Craft Beer Stations - The Knot

If you are seen as an expert on all things weddings, brides and grooms will trust you when they book. Your couples are fed up with pre-packaged cookie-cutter ideas.

  • Show completely re-invented floorplans
  • Expressive themes that aren't mainstream
  • Rapid fire lookbook

After Hours: The Fake Wedding Reveal - Dona Liston, Lambermont Events

Brides and grooms are tired of your overplayed open houses. It's hard to stand out when the experiences all feel the same. Give your open houses an overdue makeover.

  • Themed open houses
  • Host a fake wedding for real sales results
  • The best way to get brides and grooms to sign up after the walk-through

Full House: Trade Secrets To Fill Your Calendar - Caroline Tucker, Executive Director Vecoma At The Yellow River

Hundreds of wedding couples visit your website, but never visit your venue. They walk by your bridal show booth, take your brochure... but never read it. They show up for the open house but never sign on the dotted line.

  • Why brides and grooms skip a venue
  • Re-vamping your open house to increase bookings
  • Sales techniques to increase your closing ratio

Venue Flip Or Flop: Overcome Sales Objections - Hunter Lowder, CEO, Holman Ranch

Engaged couples have seen you at a bridal show, visited your website, and attended your open house. They are ready to sign the contract...but before they do the bride’s parents want to make sure they are getting the most for their money. They want you to reduce your venue’s price without eliminating anything from the wish list.

  • Compromising without reducing the price
  • Smart objection based sales scripts
  • How to explain your venue's rules without killing sale

Transformers: Upgrade Your Venue To Stay Competitive - Don McDougal, Owner, Grand Tradition Estate And Gardens

The most challenging task for wedding couples is to find a venue that matches their theme and personality. To get the booking you must have the look.

  • Easy fixes to modernize your venue
  • Outdoor hardscapes, before and after photos, and fresh amenities
  • Better seating plans

Wedding Venue Jeopardy: Interactive Question And Answer - Fred Jacob, President, U.S. Wedding Venues Association

Open Mic

The Landlord: How To Get Other Vendors To Pay The Bills - Tommy Waters, Owner, The Renaissance

You don’t have to rely only on your wedding couples to pay your monthly venue expenses.

  • How much to charge, how to promote, and configure your space
  • Virtual tenants
  • Increase your bookings by featuring other wedding pros