Catering & Cakes Seminars

Cook The Books: New Recipes For Your Menus - Catering Specialty Speaker

Creating a new catering menu can be overwhelming, especially when millennials demand transparency. As even food trucks and small independents offer grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken, locally-grown veggies, and gluten-free options, you need to adapt to stay competitive.

  • Modern menu real-world examples
  • Graphic design tips to create a solid catering menu
  • Playful wording to spice up your new menus

Feast Or Famine: - Fatten Up Your Food Profit Margins - Wedding Caterer Speaker

It’s not about what you make - It’s about what you keep. Fat profit margins make the difference between just getting by, or saving enough to send your kids to college, take a vacation, and build your retirement.

  • Are high-end caterers really the most profitable
  • Bookkeeping tools that keep you on-track
  • How to analyze the profit from each event

Frosted : - Next Year's Cake And Dessert Trends - Wedding Caterer Speaker

The wedding cake is still the traditional wedding dessert, but today’s couples serve their guests more than yesterday’s designs. They look everywhere for cake inspiration: The texture of her wedding dress, their china pattern, or even the ceiling design from their reception venue.

  • Sugar crystals, sprinkles, and glitter
  • Passed desserts instead of dessert bars
  • Delicious drinks for dessert

Two Plates Full: Sales Techniques To Fill Up Your Bank Account - Meryl Snow, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Producer

Of all the buying decisions for the wedding day, catering is the most complex. Even after they fall in love with your company and menu, the sale isn’t closed. How do you get them to make the final decisions and sign off?

  • Live on-stage sales presentations
  • Closing techniques that don’t feel forced
  • Which words to use and avoid to win the sale

Social Hour: - Boost Bookings With Social Media In 60 Minutes - Wedding Caterer Speaker

With more than 200 million posts tagged #food and 23 million #drinks, food and beverage photos are among the most popular. Potential clients love your content. How do you keep it coming without running out of time or new ideas?

  • Create next level content that encourages conversions
  • Shortcuts for content creation on your blog, Instagram, and FB Live
  • Don’t post these 5 food photo mistakes

Front Of The Line: Interactive Buffet Trends For 2020 - Amanda Bradham-Little, VP, 23 Blocks Catering

Wedding couples are moving away from the traditional sit-down dinner. Fun and light-hearted nuptial fare are the head of the line for next year. It’s all about action and interaction.

  • Logistics to keep lines running smoothly and cut down on wait times
  • Global fusion, Insta-worthy food styling, and pint-sized presentations
  • Futuristic beverage flights, comfort foods with culinary flair, and dessert stations that don’t feel over-played