Begins Monday, November 8, 2021 2:00 PM

Concludes Wednesday, November 10, 2021 5:30 PM





Begins Monday, November 8, 2021 2:00 PM

Concludes Wednesday, November 10, 2021 5:30 PM



Catering & Cakes Seminars

150 Seminars

Step Away From The Plate: Dining With A New Twist - Fausto Pifferrer, Co-Founder, Blue Elephant Catering

Going to a wedding shouldn’t be scary. Make sure the guests feel comfortable with your new physically distant food service. Stay stylish with an interactive and fun dining experience for your guests.

  • Seamless reception timelines
  • Cocktail hour reimagined with new health guidelines in place
  • Butlered and grab-and-go food trends for 2021

Back For Seconds: Gain Referrals From Wedding Pros And Clients - Aleya Harris, Food & Beverage Industry Expert & Business Growth Strategist

Referrals are the most cost-effective way to generate new catering business. Yet, asking for referrals can feel awkward. Take the pain out of the process and get more pre-qualified leads from people you trust.

  • Best times to ask for a referral
  • How wedding pros decide which caterers to recommend
  • Preferred List mistakes

Love at First Site: The Art Of Food Photography - Jennifer Gilman, Owner, Flourish&Co

The numbers don’t lie. Millennials are known to photograph impressive meals. Socially-savvy caterers adjust their menus to include foods that look good on smartphones. Great food photos aren’t just images. They are a stealth marketing strategy.

  • Apps, tricks, and tools to build a food image library on your phone
  • Which images on your proposals increase your average sale
  • Social media tags that boost bookings

Champagne WIshes And Caviar Dreams: Profitable Catering And Customer Profiling - Roy Porter, Activities Director Engage Works and Catersource Ambassador

What is your typical catering customer profile? Which couples are spending the most money with your company? How can you tell which customers need more of your time and attention? This session is devoted to real world data-driven marketing. The method is simple yet sophisticated and uses methodology called RFM+ Analysis.

  • Three key performance indicators and the RFM process
  • Determine top performing menu items
  • Checklist of targeted catering opportunities in the post-COVID world

Site Unseen: Caterer's Guide To Site Inspections - Roy Porter, Activities Director Engage Works

The look of venues are changing to outdoor venues and private residences. With new locations for 2021 there are checklists to instill and new action plans follow. Make sure your catering business is prepared for anything.

  • Questions to ask your venues
  • Venue and catering checklists
  • Catering tool kit must haves

Just Desserts: Creative Sweet Endings - Ora Beth Mika, Co-Founder, Flour & Bloom Cakes

Wedding cakes may be forever, but couples demand more than the traditional slice at the reception.

  • Presentation ideas that make your confections even more decadent
  • Dessert and drink pairings
  • International fusion desserts

Branded Business: The Importance Of Branding - Meryl Snow, Owner, SnowStorm Solutions

As a creative, many factors keep your business afloat: your products and services, social media profiles, website, and team. Your brand brings together all the pieces in your business plan and creates a cohesive and consistent experience for clients, partners, and team members. A good brand captures your personality, company values, and (most importantly) the ideals of your wedding couples.

  • Evaluate your client experience
  • Prioritize authenticity
  • Get specific with your couples

Rules Of Engagement: Selling Weddings During And Post-COVID - Meryl Snow, Owner, SnowStorm Solutions

You read the news and your stomach drops. Today’s headlines can and will impact the decisions you and your wedding couples’ make for their weddings. It’s time to think about what their needs will be post-COVID. The selling game has changed. Get ready to play with the new rules.

  • How to install a feeling of safety during the sales conversation
  • Six new sales techniques
  • Recoup lost revenue when the headcount drops