Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022





Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022



Catering & Cakes Seminars

150 Seminars

Help Wanted:Attract, Hire, And Retain Event Staff

Anthony Lambatos, CEO, Footers Catering & Events

Cater staff hours are long and the demands are brutal. As soon as the excitement wears off, the job gets real. To your staff, it seems that the next company is always offering a little bit more money with slightly shorter hours. Most catering business owners lose an employee every few months. How do you attract and keep a great catering staff?

  • How to hire the best candidates in your area
  • Create a culture teams can thrive
  • Motivate employees and retain new hires

Pitch Perfect:Sales Techniques For Cater Pros

Margaret Brower, CEO & Founder, Rainmaker Sales & Marketing Group

Dear Catering Salespeople, You are fierce. You are the extreme athletes of the wedding business. You live in a world with no guarantees, too much competition, and no shortage of rejection. Your job is tough. That’s why this presentation is dedicated to you.

  • Shorten your catering sales funnel
  • Sales words to use and avoid
  • Appointments and tasting - yay or nay

Delectable Profits:Increase Your Catering Margins

Roy Porter, Activities Director, Engage Works

It’s not how much you sell. It’s how much you keep. Profit margins and overhead make all the difference. Are you just getting by? Or are you saving enough to take a vacation, send your kids to college, and build your retirement?

  • Resource guide for caterers
  • Tools to increase catering profitability
  • Analysis of catering company margins

Brand Identity:Graphic Design Image Workshop

Wedding couples don’t care about your story. They only care about their own. How do you share your personality, brand, and ideas with customers who are at the center of their own wedding planning process? First impressions online happen in 2.6 seconds. Be sure you are positioning your brand to magnetize your ideal & higher paying client.

  • Customer-centered visual branding
  • Logo and color strategies that resonate with clients
  • Position your graphic designs to charge clients more

Foodies:Fresh Food Trends

Fausto Pifferrer, Co-Founder, Blue Elephant

Couples use their wedding day menus to share their story and connect with their guests. From their childhood favorites to their first date meal, incorporate meaningful food experiences for the couple and their guests.

  • Fresh wedding menu ideas
  • A new shake on cocktails
  • Latest in reception food trends

Food Fixation:Inspired Cuisine And Decor

Syd Sexton, COO, Catering By Design

Rich cuisine and design pairings go together like Beyonce and Jay-Z or Tom and Gisele. The right catering presentation can create an aesthetic more delicious than any power couple.

  • Innovation food presentations
  • Creative rendering process
  • Catering and design portfolio

Eye Candy:Food Photography Workshop

Jennifer Gilman, President, Flourish&Co

Does your favorite catering dish look unimpressive in photos? Have you produced a meal masterpiece and forgotten to snap a photo? Do you get frustrated when the photographer doesn’t share photos with you? Let your catering brand be the star of every image. Take back control and become your own food photographer.

  • Take stunning food photography on your iPhone
  • Tools, apps, and tricks to add to your image library
  • Mouth-watering food portfolios

How Sweet It Is:Creative Cake And Dessert Trends

Rebekah Ontiveros, Owner, Hive Cake Shop

You always save the best for last. Wedding cakes and desserts represent fun, delight, and celebration. They are an expression of not only flavor but also the personality of the wedding couple. Get inspired with the latest wedding cake and dessert table trends.

  • Modern techniques for cake design
  • Splurge vs save dessert looks
  • Cake and dessert trend report

Wedding Cater Pro Convention:Las Vegas Convention Center

Caterers gather this November 7-9, 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Experience the latest in catering trends, tech, and sales. Join your colleagues and learn from the industry’s top caterers.

  • 150 wedding seminars
  • 200 exhibits
  • Cater Pro Certification