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Step Up To The Plate: Special Event Food Trends - Jennie Cook, Owner & Executive Chef, Jennie Cook's Catering & Plant Based Parties

Foodie culture is everywhere and wedding menus are no longer a choice of just chicken or beef. Instead, couples make a well-crafted food experience part of their wedding day. What do you need to know about next year’s food trends?

  • Incorporate organic and plant-based options without blowing their budget
  • Hot fusion foods, late night brunch bites, and new food stations
  • Trending ingredients to spice things up

Back For Seconds: Gain Referrals From Wedding Pros And Clients - Aleya Harris, Food & Beverage Industry Expert & Business Growth Strategist

Referrals are the most cost-effective way to generate new catering business. Yet, asking for referrals can feel awkward. Take the pain out of the process and get more pre-qualified leads from people you trust.

  • Best times to ask for a referral
  • How wedding pros decide which caterers to recommend
  • Preferred List mistakes

Love at First Site: The Art Of Food Photography - Jennifer Gilman, Owner, Flourish&Co

The numbers don’t lie. Millennials are known to photograph impressive meals. Socially-savvy caterers adjust their menus to include foods that look good on smartphones. Great food photos aren’t just images. They are a stealth marketing strategy.

  • Apps, tricks, and tools to build a food image library on your phone
  • Which images on your proposals increase your average sale
  • Social media tags that boost bookings

Prix Fixe: Increase Your Catering Profits - Roy Porter, Activities Director Engage Works and Catersource Ambassador

How do your catering profits compare to your competitors? Do you know your profit margin on each menu item? What fixed costs apply to every event?

  • Average profit range for budget, mid-priced, and luxe catering companies
  • Onsite wedding venue profits vs corporate catering profits
  • Are high-end caterers more profitable than mid-market caterers

In Good Company: Expand To Corporate Clientele - Jamie Quickert, Director Of Catering, Detroit Institute Of Arts

Many caterers fill up their Saturdays, but struggle to book the rest of the week. If your weekdays aren’t booked, your catering business is leaving money on the table.

  • Market your catering services for holiday, office, mitzvahs, and corporate parties
  • Get on charity gala lists in your area
  • Best ways to connect with key corporate decision makers

Just Desserts: Creative Sweet Endings - Ora Beth Mika, Co-Founder, Flour & Bloom Cakes

Wedding cakes may be forever, but couples demand more than the traditional slice at the reception.

  • Presentation ideas that make your confections even more decadent
  • Dessert and drink pairings
  • International fusion desserts