Catering & Cakes Seminars

Catering & Cakes Seminars

Crème de la Crème: Flavor Profiles, Food, And Menus Matthew Raiford, Owner, Strong Roots Provisions and Farmer

Ten years ago you could dish out an extra helping of sides to vegetarians and just forgo the meat.  You could list airplane chicken as one of your main proteins and you didn’t know much about where your food was sourced.  Today the internet has given wedding couples access to menu options that used to be available to only celebrities and the super-rich.  

  • Flavor profile dos and don’ts
  • Farmer’s guide to buying better
  • Creative menus for all palettes

Cake Walk: 2019 Parade of Cakes - Lynnette MacDonald, Owner, SWIRL Custom Cakes And Desserts

Wedding cakes have become the status symbol of the wedding day. Entire TV shows are devoted to the inspiration and creation of these edible masterpieces. Three-tiered naked cakes just don’t cut it anymore.

  • Macaroons, playful designs, overlays, and hexagons
  • Flavor mixology that satisfies their sweet tooth
  • French and Italian inspirations

Seasonal Wedding Menus: Next Year's Food Trends - Michael Stavros, Director of Business Development, M Culinary Concepts

Sixty percent of foodies say they are more likely to order an item on the menu if it is described as seasonal. Apply this concept to your catering business.

  • In-season food discounts
  • Winter, spring, summer, and fall trends
  • Food presentation that wows

Food Fight: Samples, Open Houses, and Bridal Shows - Roy Porter, Activities Director Engage Works And Catersource Ambassador

Everyone wants your free food. Wedding network meetings, open houses, and wedding expos promise publicity for your catering business. When does it make financial sense for you to sample?

  • Signature samples they’ll always remember
  • Inexpensive food options that make you look good
  • How and when to say no

Open Table: How To Close The Catering Sale - Jamie Quickert, Director Of Catering, Detroit Institute Of Arts

Price is not a wedding couple’s biggest concern; never has been, never will be. Most catering sales are lost over objections you never hear; not a spoken objection (like cost).

  • How to identify objections they never mention out loud
  • Common mistakes even seasoned salespeople make
  • Sell your menu over your competitions

Beauty And The Feast: Food Presentation Trends - Michele Polci, Director Of Citywide Catering Sales Las Vegas

There are over 434 hours of cooking shows on TV every week but none of them hand us a sample through the screen. So why do we keep watching them? Because we eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths . Visual appeal is just as important as tasting the food. From appetizers to desserts, you must create a look that establishes your catering signature.

  • Themed décor and menu visuals
  • Fresh spins on classic dishes
  • Presentation and display trends