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Unboxing: Next Year's DJ Equipment Essentials

A chef is always sharpening his knives. An artist replaces her brushes. A DJ updates his gear to stay relevant and competitive. But there is more DJ and production technology than you could ever need (or afford). Cut through the noise and get the truth behind next year's flashy new products.

  • Wireless technologies, lighting, and special effects
  • Superior speaker systems
  • Controllers, turntables, mics, and mixers

My Type: Social Media Your Way

As a DJ, you are the life of the party. Wedding couples expect you to know what is hot or not. Social media lets you show how much fun they can have at their wedding if they hire you. Are you converting enough of those followers into customers?

  • Social selling sales techniques for DJs
  • Identify your prospects with these keywords and phrases
  • 5 ways to engage with your customers authentically

Turn It Up To 11: Increase Your Revenue With Multi-Ops - Mike Walter, Owner, Elite Entertainment

Many DJs fill up their Saturdays, but struggle to book events on the other days. Now you feel like all you do is turn down business for those same days... and it’s painful. There is a better way.

  • Recruit and train the best talent for your growing DJ business
  • Emcee training intros, audience participation, mixing, and music history
  • Non-competes and employees vs subcontractors

The Virtual DJ: Online Sales Techniques

This couple is planning a destination wedding and that couple just doesn’t have the time. Whatever the reason, you must meet the couple virtually. Are you as charming online as you are in person? Are you able to close the sale when there is no paper contract to slide across the desk?

  • Integrate video into your sales presentation
  • Techniques when you don't meet in person
  • Up your virtual closing ratio

Twist My Words: Word Play Transitions - Staci Nichols, Owner, SanDiegoDJStaci.com and WeddingBizConsultant.com

Word play is a skill that is hard to master. Practice and timing make your transitions and effects seamless. Stop mixing the same way and leave time for the unpredictable sets.

  • Creative examples of word play transitions
  • Ideal time to filter in a new track
  • Blend your effects without overdoing it

Music Maker: Create Your Own Redrum, Mash-Ups, And Remixes

DJ fundamentals never change. Play the right music and get your audience on the dance floor. To impress your next set of wedding couples, you must manipulate music trends and make them your own.

  • Create ready-to-go drum beat patterns
  • Mixer shortcuts for live mash-ups and remixes
  • Killer example songs and sets