Disc Jockey Seminars

Creating Workflow Efficiency: Improve Your Sales Process by Utilizing Technology - Anthony Salas, Epic Entertainment

Tired of spending all day responding to emails that don't turn into leads? Stop wasting time staring at your computer screen and automate your sales process.

  • Real email templates that get responses
  • Trickle system outline to close sales
  • Technologies that do all the hard work for you

Scratching The Surface: Adapt Club DJ Techniques To Weddings - Jason Jani, Founder, SCE Event Group

Club disc jockeys have the advantage of crowds that share the same taste in music. But if you bring the club directly to a wedding reception, not all generations will appreciate it.

  • Which club DJ techniques translate directly to weddings
  • How to build momentum at a reception
  • Club DJ skills that make you a perfect wedding emcee

Tech Toys: Next Year's DJ Gear That's Worth The Spread - Dan Quinn, Owner, DQB Entertainment

To be booked solid, you must update your gear to stay relevant and competitive. There is more DJ and production technology than a DJ could ever need. Cut through the noise and understand the tech behind all the flashy new products.

  • Controllers, players, and mixers
  • Speakers and PA Systems
  • Wireless technologies and lighting

Treble Maker: - Curated Playlists and Mixes That Book Clients - Rob Ferre, Owner, Life of the Party

Your first appointment with a wedding couple can feel like an awkward first date. They are trying to decide if they can trust you with their important event. In weddings, custom is the key. Do you have what it takes to keep their friends partying without alienating their parents?

  • Reading the couple, reading the crowd
  • How to handle a frenzy of guest requests
  • Discover overlapping tastes vs never-plays

Promoted: Boost Your Bank With Corporate And Charity Gigs - KC Campbell, CEO, Vox DJs

Corporate clients have some things your wedding couples don’t: annual events and bigger budgets. You might be booked every weekend until 2020, but you still have weekday openings. Fill those dates with high-paying, repeating corporate gigs. Charity performances give you solid cred with donors who can hire you for other high-end events.

  • How to get and keep corporate clients
  • Tips to become a skilled auctioneer
  • Online videos and reviews that appeal to corporate clients

Social Media Playlist: Social Media Strategy For 2020 - Staci Nichols, Owner, SanDiegoDJStaci.com and WeddingBizConsultant.com

Engaged couples want social media that is life-like, moving, and always fresh. Flex your social media muscles and show customers what up-to-the-minute DJ services you offer.

  • Social media content tips for DJs
  • DJ mistakes on FB, Snapchat, and Instagram
  • Stand out from the crowd with live video