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Name Brand Entertainer: Create Your DJ Identity - Artem Lomaz, Owner, NinetyThree Entertainment

Every DJ has a brand, whether intended or not. Your brand rules your business. A strong, identifiable personal brand elevates your company and lifts you above your competitors.

  • Develop your authentic personal brand
  • Signs your brand is obsolete
  • Attract your ideal customers with strategic branding

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe: Is Your Digital DJ Brand Fresh Enough - Staci Nichols, Owner, and

Why do some DJs consistently attract sexy clients and venues? It’s in the branding. If your vibe is salesy, stuffy, or outdated, you are silently turning away amazing gigs...regardless of how talented or experienced you are.

  • Examples of real mobile DJ brands
  • Simple writing tricks to make your website pop
  • Get inspired and stand out

Turn It Up To 11: Increase Your Revenue With Multi-Ops - Mike Walter, Owner, Elite Entertainment

Many DJs fill up their Saturdays, but struggle to book events on the other days. Now you feel like all you do is turn down business for those same days... and it’s painful. There is a better way.

  • Recruit and train the best talent for your growing DJ business
  • Emcee training intros, audience participation, mixing, and music history
  • Non-competes and employees vs subcontractors

Ahead Of The Curve: Jump Ahead Of Your DJ Competitors - Chris Washburn, Owner, Washburn Entertainment

Nothing is as essential to the wedding reception as the DJ...except maybe the wedding couple. You create your newlyweds’ experience through words, music, and events. You have the power to take hold of your audience and only let go after the last song. Are you ready to learn techniques that will increase your value, raise your image to a celebrity-like level, and have clients choose their date based on your availability?

  • Add a new spin to intros, first dance, cake cutting, and exits
  • Incorporate video for max emotional impact and set you apart
  • Fresh ideas for the next generation of weddings

On The Record: Top 3 Ways To Improve Your Creativity On The Decks - DJ Hapa

As a wedding DJ it’s easy to get in a creative rut. Without an endless stream of new ideas most of us end up reusing sets and forget to put the music first.

  • File organization strategies that save your time and sanity
  • Music theory, develop hot cue strategy, and creativity mixing
  • Echo out and cold start for effective tempo and vibe change

Music Maker: Create Your Own Edits, Mashups, and Custom Mixes - Dan Quinn, Owner, DQB Entertainment

We have access to a wide range of music sources, but to create something unique can really blow couples’ minds and raise the bar for what is expected from a DJ...and it isn’t that hard to do.

  • Techniques such as warping and drum loops to make smooth intro edits out of those hard-to-mix tracks
  • Create seamless short edits for special dances, and add crystal clear vocals for special moments
  • Learn easy-to-use production techniques that can be used in the DAW of your choice- from GarageBand, to Logic Pro, to Ableton Live