Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022





Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022



Disc Jockey Seminars

150 Seminars

Amplify:Expand Your DJ Business

Ben Herman, Founder + Mentor, DJ University

Why are some DJs multi-op monsters, and others can barely pay their bills? Step outside your comfort zone and hear how successful DJs find fresh money in surprising new places.

  • Create a promotional plan that pays you to attract dream clients
  • Multi-op owner=more time and money
  • Turn your DJ business into an appreciating asset

SPIN:Next Level DJ Programming

DJ Dave, Owner, DJ Digital Dave

With over 100 million songs to choose from it’s not easy to narrow down your playlist to the best 75 choices for each event. Your goal is to attract and keep the guests on the dance floor. How do you uncover songs the couple loves but doesn’t think to request? What role does the verse, chorus, beat, artist, and region of the country play? Create memories that last that strengthen your business, brand, and client referrals.

  • Sets that create memories that last
  • Best song length and elements to highlight
  • Playlists based on age, hometown, and college

Dynamite:Create The Ultimate Wedding Experience

Jeremy Brech, Owner, DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design

Every couple wants their reception to be an epic dance party. Music is magic. It sets the mood for the entire wedding day. How do you make even the most resistant guests rush to the dance floor?

  • Best performance and production techniques
  • The right questions you must ask couples
  • Photo booth and lighting design

Pay It Forward:Book Non-Profit Galas and Corporate Events

Jeremy Martorano, VEMM, Owner, Karma Event Productions

The pay is good. The cause is valuable. The clients are professional and organized. How do you become the go-to DJ and production company for charity galas and corporate events? Join this word-of-mouth referral community.

  • Tap into the high dollar fundraising gala market
  • Music, MC, audio, lighting, themes, and special effects
  • Simple upsells and sponsorship packages

Gear Up:The Latest DJ Equipment

Chris Washburn, Owner, Washburn Entertainment
Jim O'Neil, President, FyerFly Productions
Walter McClellan, Owner, Toast Entertainment

Experts are always telling you how to spend your money. Get this lighting kit, buy that indoor spark machine, upgrade your DJ table. You work hard for your money. Learn which DJ gear investments return the best profits. Ask questions to this tech and gear panel of experts.

  • The best in lighting, special effects, and photo booths
  • Equipment buys that double your ROI
  • Live demos on the newest gear

Max Money:DJ Price Lists

DJ Staci Nichols, DJ Staci "The Track Star" Nichols, Owner, &

Couples attribute 80% of their reception success to their DJ. But only 8% of their total budget is spent on entertainment. How do you get what you’re worth?

  • When and how to raise your prices
  • Create DJ packages with the best ROI
  • Effect of crypto & NFTs on DJs

In The Mix:The Hottest DJ Techniques

DJ Hapa, DJ, Coach, Educator

Mix and edit like the top DJ that you are. Create without hesitation and get out of the on-repeat rut. Stop reusing sets and start creating something solid.

  • Seamless short edits for special dances and events
  • Warp and loop smooth intros from hard-to-mix tracks
  • Simple production techniques used in the DAW of your choice