Disc Jockey Seminars

Disc Jockey Seminars

Just Dance: Make Guests Go Gaga - Paul Hoke, Owner, Heirloom Entertainment

Some wedding reception guests dance without much persuasion. But what about Aunt Michelle or Grandpa Bob, who haven’t danced in 20 years? How do you get 90% of guests onto the dance floor?

  • Proven techniques to excite the crowd
  • Tricky tactics for crowd participation
  • Deal with songs requests without losing your rhythm

Insta-Jam: Instagram For DJs - Staci Nichols, Owner, SanDiegoDJStaci.com and WeddingBizConsultant.com

You hear other DJs brag about getting leads from Instagram...but it's not happening for you. Is it because you don't really know what to post beyond a gig log? Get inside the millennial couple's head and start posting with an effective strategy that grabs their eye.

  • DJ-specific ideas of what to post(including the best DJ hashtags)
  • How to use Instagram Stories and highlights for DJ marketing
  • Smart phone photography tips

The Big Bang: Create High-Value Weddings - Thomas Heath, Owner, A+ Event Entertainment

Today’s wedding couples want DJs to work with them, not for them. The process of becoming a co-creator places DJs in a position of both expert and confidant.

  • When ego works against you
  • Sample questionnaire that digs into the why
  • Common pre-wedding meeting mistakes

DJ Gear: Book More Events With The Right Gear - Brian Buonassissi, Owner, B-Boy Productions

If you have outdated gear, the potential couple might think you are passé. To stay ahead of your DJ competitors, you need the right skills and the right equipment.

  • Which gear for which event
  • Gear 'extras' that make jaws drop
  • Best way to showcase the gear you have to clients/referral sources

The Voice: A Guide For Wedding Emcees - Rob Ferre, Owner, Life of the Party

You know this isn’t ‘Open Mic Night’ and you’re not the official wedding comedian. You have the most important job at the wedding, to make sure everything runs seamlessly. What you say (and don’t) on the microphone impacts the flow of the reception.

  • Ask the right questions in the consultation
  • Strategic ways to avoid the reception toast drag
  • Command the room with properly placed announcements

The Guiding Light 2.0: Lighting Handbook For DJs - Jeremy Martorano, Owner, Karma Event Lighting and AV

Lighting should be purposeful, seamless, and invisible. How do you sell something that wasn't part of the original budget?

  • Pin spotting, digital gobos, and lighting upsells
  • Extended lighting concepts that use pattern washes, projection, and cake mapping
  • The future of event lighting