Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022





Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022



Gown and Tuxedo Seminars

150 Seminars

Saving Spree:Margins That Increase Revenue

Krysta York, Owner, Charlotte's Weddings & More

It’s not how much you sell. It’s how much you keep. Profit margins and overhead make all the difference. Are you just getting by? Or are you saving enough to send your kids to college, take a vacation, and build your retirement?

  • The most profitable designers
  • Tools to increase profitability
  • Analysis of gown shop margins

Window Dressing:Store Designs That Work

Natalie Harris, Owner, Flourish Marketing

Never underestimate the persuasive power of your visuals. Your salon environment directly affects brides’ shopping decisions. Fortunately, gown shop owners can increase sales by using what social scientists have known for decades.

  • How your shop layout can be a mighty salesperson
  • Window display ideas that connect with brides
  • Best placement of mirrors, accessories, and check out stations

Reel Weddings:Create Insta Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok Videos

Nayri, CEO, Lovella Bridal

You don’t have to be Instagram famous to convert social media into real sales. Your micro productions can be fun and inexpensive to create. Get ready to promote your brand to wedding couples by entertaining them with short videos featuring your photography.

  • Simple video techniques and edits
  • Shortcuts for content creation in one recording
  • Efficiently make Reels, Shorts, and Videos

Branding Blitz:Increase Your Shop's ROI

Jacqui Wadsworth, Owner, The Gilded Gown

For bridal salons, Saturday has always been the profitable day of the week. To reach the maximum number of brides on not just Saturday but any day it’s time to get serious about your branding and the algorithms that get you to your sales appointment goals.

  • Best branding through social media, Google, and website
  • Paid and organic advertising tips and tricks
  • Reach the max number of new clients

Wedding Gown Summit:Expert Panel Q & A

Alex Baca-Rodriguez, Editor, Belle The Magazine
Ann Campeau, Owner,GARNET + grace bridal boutique
Diana Gantz, Co-Founder, SuitShop

The top thought leaders in the wedding gown and tuxedo industry answer your tough questions.

Learn directly from our experts how to navigate the rapidly-changing world of gown and tux shops.

No topic off-limits.

The Proposal:Close The Sale

Shafonne Myers, Owner, Pretty Pear Bride

The sales process has changed. You know that the conversation begins online before they set up their first appointment. In sales, there are no guarantees, too much competition, and no shortage of rejection.

  • Sell your gowns on the first visit
  • Words to use and avoid
  • Unexpected sales starters

Unveiled:Increase Sales With Social Media

Bryan Lopez, Founder, EverBridal

Your salon is en vogue. Your gowns and tuxes are current. Do your online marketing efforts look as good as your dresses?

  • Online branding done better
  • Gown/tux shop content examples
  • Videos that translate into appointments

Shopping Around:Smart Inventory Decisions

Nayri, CEO, Lovella Bridal

Styles change quickly. Customer tastes can evolve even faster. At Market, it’s easy to get excited and over-buy for the upcoming season. Before you commit to your next collection, learn an action plan that keeps your bank balance high and excess inventory low.

  • Inventory evaluation - what passes the test
  • Predict the best-performing inventory & gown trends
  • Designers with high-profit margins