Gown and Tuxedo Seminars

Talk Of The Gown: Marketing Techniques For Gown Shops - Melanie Little, Owner, Brilliant Bridal

Brides need to hear about your gown shop an average of seven times before they book an appointment. How do you make sure she knows enough about your boutique to visit your shop and ultimately buy her dress?

  • Actionable steps to create a clear brand
  • Bridal shows: booth design ideas, book appointments, fashion shows
  • Social media organic exposure vs paid ads

White Hot: Fight Against Big-Box, Online, And Local Competitors - Nayri, Wedding Fashion Expert

Online shopping makes it easy to find many places to buy wedding gowns. You know that the online version listed for $200 is not the same as your designer masterpiece. But she doesn’t. She also doesn’t know that your newest competitor isn’t paying her bills. How do you fight fair and still win?

  • Counter-programming against your competitors
  • 3 small details that mean everything
  • Tips when she price-shops you against a discounter

Wardrobe Malfunction: Top Mistakes Gown Shops Make - Krysta York, Owner, Charlotte's Weddings

It’s Saturday after the holidays and every newly engaged bride wants an appointment. You should feel good, but you're stressed. It feels like you are working hard, but not getting ahead. What are you doing wrong?

  • Avoid making these 5 common gown shop mistakes
  • Understand why your customers buy and don’t buy
  • Gown shop layouts and lighting that improve the user experience

To Market We Go: Avoid Expensive Buying Disasters - Lynn Crandall, Owner, The Bridal Collection

Your goal is to implement a reasonable merchandising plan to increase sell-through. But market makes you dizzy with options if you don’t have a solid buying checklist. Where do you start?

  • Negotiate minimum purchases with designers
  • Analyze your inventory performance with key metrics
  • Interactive quiz to determine 2020 top performing dresses

Yes To Your Dress: Sales Techniques That Close Her On The First Visit - Stella Jones, Owner, Stella's Bridal

You know that the moment she leaves, your chance of a sale goes down by 50%. Discover the secrets that pave the way to matching a bride with her dream dress and keep her from shopping anywhere else.

  • The best way to pre-qualify the bride
  • Creative incentives to promote a quick buy
  • Scripts with the exact questions to ask

The Crown: Royal Wedding Gown Fever Continues - Wendy Rivera, Owner, Do You Speak Bride?

Brides have always been fascinated with royalty. It’s easy to get caught up in the dreams of horse-drawn carriages, blingy tiaras, and regal magic. Learn how to turn these fairytale gown dreams into very real cash.

  • Royal wedding gowns and accessories that translate into real weddings
  • Attire that drips with royal elegance
  • Refined trains, veils, and femme florals