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Turnstyle: Hottest Gown Trends For Next Year - Gown Expert

Get your wish-list ready for next year’s hottest buys. There will be no shortage of chic, bold, and statement making dresses.

  • Floral dresses and details that will sell
  • Ethereal light-as-air-gowns
  • Runaway styles that look just as good on real brides

Off The Rack: Move Your Inventory Out The Door - Gown Expert

Too much inventory takes up precious showroom space and prevents you from updating your gown shop each season. If your racks are packed with last season’s collections it’s time to sell more and free up some space in the process.

  • What to do when a collection isn't selling
  • In store tactics to move dead stock without holding a sale
  • Floorplans, window displays, and focal point tips

White Out: Fix Epic Purchasing Mistakes And Buy Smarter - Gown Expert

It’s easy to get swept up in the emotion of market and overbuy for the next season. Before you invest in a new collection follow an action plan that keeps your business success top of mind.

  • Checklist and performance metrics for next season's best selling gowns
  • Geo-specific merchandise that will sell
  • When is it time to break up with a designer

Digital Dress Influence: Increase Traffic With These Social Media TIps - Gown Expert

Your gowns are stunning and fresh. Do your online marketing effects look as chic?

  • Online branding mistakes to avoid
  • Plan your social media content for the month in a few hours
  • Social gown shop pics an videos that get appointment

Satin Sales: Smooth Selling Techniques In An Overflowing Marketplace - Gown Expert

The bride and her squad feel the dress decision is monumental. She perceives that her gown will...determine the vibe of her wedding, ensure she looks phenomenal in photos, and inspire her fiance and guests to tear up as she walks down the aisle.

  • Active listening quiz (how do you rate)
  • Assess budget and influencers before the appointment
  • Close the sale smoothly even when she says, "I need to think about it"

Bursting At The Seams: How To Grow Your Gown Shop In A Competitive Marketplace - Gown Expert

Your gown shop has to be strong enough to compete against national retailers and naive newcomers. With new online and in-store competitors popping up you know it’s hard enough to maintain; but to grow your salon in this competitive environment can sometimes feel impossible.

  • Average overhead costs (employees, rent, merchandise)
  • Gown shop plan of action for next year
  • Aggressive ways to compete with local and national brands