Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022





Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022



Wedding Florist Seminars

150 Seminars

She Loves Me Not:Reasons They Didn't Choose You

CeCe Todd, Owner, CeCe Designs

Your floral business is built on couples saying “yes.” You create the proposal, give the presentation, and introduce the designers. You sit down to write up the contract and they say, “We’re not ready.” Once they leave the appointment, your chances of booking plummet. What went wrong?

  • Couples' silent objections
  • Cost, seasonality, and sourcing
  • Floral portfolio fails

Green Thumb:Florist Price Lists

Christina Arcila, Founder, Floral Luxe Production and Events Design

Ten percent of a couple’s wedding budget is spent on flowers. Are you looking to profit more from each event? How do you know when your prices are too low or too high? Maximize the green in your bank account with successful florist pricing.

  • Sample floral price-lists
  • Increase margins and profits
  • Affordable floral swaps

Fresh Cut:Floral Trend Showcase

Liza Roser, President, FiftyFlowers
Derek Woodruff, Owner, Floral Underground

Each new year a fresh wave of couples wants to experiment with their wedding florals, balancing the traditional with the contemporary. The shape, color, and texture of the bouquets and centerpieces are changing. Get ahead of the floral curve.

  • Aisle decor transports to the reception with a focus on sustainability
  • Ground vs hanging installations
  • New twists on floral accessories, arches, and centerpieces

Reel Weddings:Create Insta Reels, YouTubeShorts, and TikTok Videos

You don’t have to be Instagram famous to convert social media into real sales. Your micro productions can be fun and inexpensive to create. Get ready to promote your brand to wedding couples by entertaining them with short videos.

  • Simple video techniques and edits
  • Shortcuts for content creation in one recording
  • Insta Reels, YouTubeShorts, and TikTok Videos

Florist Convention:Las Vegas Convention Center

Wedding florists gather this November 7-9, 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Experience the latest in floral trends, tech, and sales. Join your colleagues and learn from the industry’s top florists.

  • 150 wedding seminars
  • 200 exhibits
  • Florist Certification

Retail Roses:New Revenue Streams For Florists

Bron Hansboro, Owner, Flower Guy Bron

There are over 55,000 florists in the United States. The market is highly fragmented with plenty of competition. It’s time to differentiate your business and reach customers through a storefront. When you own a brick-and-mortar floral shop every inch of your business has the potential for extra income.

  • Maximize retail floral opportunities
  • Maintain your design voice
  • Relevant floral trends

Ivy League:Smart Floral Decisions

Corrine Heck, CEO/Founder, Details Flowers Software

You don’t have to graduate from Harvard or Yale to run a thriving floral business. However, it does take hard work, creativity, and social media snaps to be profitable. How do some florists surge to a million-dollar success story, while others struggle to pay their bills?

  • Smart systems that save you time and money
  • Lower-cost customer acquisitions
  • Flower workshops, expos, and vendor partnerships

Arranged Marriage:Bouquet And Tabletop Styling

Sarah Campbell, Owner, Intrigue Design and Jordan Marx, Communications Director, Intrigue Teaches & Intrigue Designs

Every aspect of a wedding is important, but few pack as much visual punch as the florals. They instill a space with a sense of romance and whimsy. Flowers elevate their wedding space.

  • Integrate new trends with classic looks
  • Expressive color palettes
  • Live technique workshop

Kabloom:Floral Arches, Aisles, And Walls

Ace Berry, Co-Owner, Fulshear Floral Design

Ever since Kim and Kanye tied the knot in front of a wall of roses, gardenias, and peonies, flower walls have been in vogue. Floral walls, arches, and aisles are a gorgeous way to adorn any wedding.

  • New twists on floral walls
  • Multi-use backdrops
  • Large scale floral installs