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Petal Power: Dominate With Large Scale Floral Installations - CeCe Todd, Owner, CeCe Designs

Win the floral contract by offering large scale looks that inspire, surprise, and delight. Imagine a dreamy ceremony arch, a structured floral statement piece, and an ethereal pathway that creates a reception fantasy.

  • New, over the top floral backdrops
  • Pricing super-sized creations
  • Floral driven escort card decor

Hand Picked: How To Choose The Best Floral Employees - Bron Hansboro, Chief Creative, The Flower Guy Bron

You have flowers to buy, couples to book, and centerpieces that won’t arrange themselves. At some point in a successful business, you need some extra help. Efficiently hire, train, and keep the best new staff.

  • Attract highly qualified seasonal and part time talent
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Tasks you should never delegate

Arranged Marriage: Techniques For Exquisite Floral Installations And Luxury Designs - Sarah Campbell, Owner/Lead Designer, Intrigue Designs & Decor

Decedent florals and lush greenery designs continue to be popular, but with a new twist. Storybook romance meets nature driven hues to make dreamy designs that are manicured and whimsical. Don’t forget to pack your fairy dust for a fun look behind the magic of flowers.

  • Floral Installations and floral walls
  • Structure and mechanic techniques to maximize profit
  • Create designs that get your competitors attention

Fleur-Ish: Grow Your Brand Through Social Media - Susan Davis, Owner, Design Sanctuary

Floral is the most visual wedding specialty. After all, your work is art! However, when you promote your creations online, social media seems like a bottomless pit that consumes images faster than you can create new ones. How do you find the time to consistently post on so many social media platforms?

  • Floral go-to guide that simplifies your social media to-do list
  • Eye-catching posts for your Website, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • 2 social media platforms that florists can bypass

Coming Up Roses: Find, Sell, And Close Wedding Couples - Ryan O'Neil, Owner, Curate

Expanding your floral business is like growing a garden. You can’t just plant some seeds and hope for the best. You need a proven plan to nurture new leads into sales. It’s easy to say you want to double your sales, but what does your actual sales action plan look like?

  • Prospect and track the cost of acquiring new wedding couples
  • Sales techniques for social and corporate selling
  • 3 things that stand in the way of a quick floral close

Green Thumb: Price For Maximum Floral Profit - Shelley Pearson, Owner, Expressions Of Love Florist

Florists always see green; but this rich hue should not be limited to your centerpieces. Green should be growing in your bank account, too. Pricing a wedding 18 months out can be tricky. How do you make sure you’re not leaving money on the table?

  • What to do when outside forces affect your original proposal
  • Common pricing pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • How much profit you must net from each event