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Buy The Bunch: Upsell Your Floral Packages

An officiant, caterer, or venue are booked out of necessity. But flowers are something she actually wants to spend money on. Flowers transform the wedding photos, enhance the look of any venue, and add color and delight to everything they touch. How do you max out her floral spend?

  • Multiple appointment method to increase add-on sales
  • Common missteps florists make when discussing packages
  • Best ways to use visuals to increase total floral spend

Social Stems: Instagram, FB, And Pinterest For Florists

You know couples look online for floral ideas. How do you turn their online inspiration search into a floral booking?

  • Geo-specific Insta, FB, and Pinterest posts
  • Find quality followers that are ready to buy
  • Posts that inspire action

Mums The Word: Secret Time-Saving Large Scale Installs

The best design is sometimes the biggest. Larger-than-life floral looks can make their venue feel like a desert, flower garden, or seasonal wonderland.

  • Trees, floral walls, and ceremony decor
  • Faster ways to hang flowers from the ceiling
  • Simple tools for large scale floral installs

Branching Out: Florals For Corporate, Charity, And Galas

Flowers and a full calendar make everything better. Are you ready to even out your cash flow and book more corporate events?

  • Market yourself for holiday, office, and corporate parties
  • Get on charity gala lists in your area
  • Best ways to connect with key corporate decision makers

Blooming Business: Gain Referrals From Wedding Pros And Clients

Referrals are the most cost-effective way to generate new floral business. Yet, asking for referrals can feel awkward. Take the pain out of the process and get more quality leads from people you trust.

  • Take the time to ask for a referral
  • How wedding pros decide which florists to recommend
  • Preferred List mistakes

Artfully Arranged: Next Year's Floral Design Trends Jackie Lacey, AAF, AIFD, PFCI, CFD, Director of Education and Industry Relation, Floriology & BloomNet

Moody colors and luxury are at the heart of floral styles for next year. Velvets and metals paired with rich and warm jewel tones make any wedding feel like an upscale affair. Get the latest in all the floral trends your wedding couples will be demanding.

  • Soft moody floral color palettes
  • Metallic touches and color enhancement blooms
  • Posh and polished vessels and vases