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Petal Power: Dominate With Large Scale Floral Installations - CeCe Todd, Owner, CeCe Designs

Win the floral contract by offering large scale looks that inspire, surprise, and delight. Imagine a dreamy ceremony arch, a structured floral statement piece, and an ethereal pathway that creates a reception fantasy.

  • New, over the top floral backdrops
  • Pricing super-sized creations
  • Floral driven escort card decor

Hand Picked: How To Choose The Best Floral Employees, Social Media Posts, And Clients - Bron Hansboro, Chief Creative, The Flower Guy Bron

You have flowers to buy, couples to book, and centerpieces that won’t arrange themselves. The more successful your floral business becomes the less time you seem to have. How do you continue to grow without losing your mind?

  • Attract and retain seasonal, part time, and full time talent
  • Social media posts and portfolio photos that lead to bookings
  • Clever ways to earn more referrals

Arranged Marriage: Techniques For Exquisite Floral Installations And Luxury Designs - Sarah Campbell, Owner/Lead Designer, Intrigue Designs & Decor

Decadent florals and lush greenery designs continue to be popular, but with a new twist. Storybook romance meets nature driven hues to make dreamy designs that are manicured and whimsical. Don’t forget to pack your fairy dust for a fun look behind the magic of flowers.

  • Floral Installations and floral walls
  • Structure and mechanic techniques to maximize profit
  • Create designs that get your competitors attention

Fleur-Ish: Grow Your Brand Through Social Media - Susan Davis, Owner, Design Sanctuary

Floral is the most visual wedding specialty. After all, your work is art! Still, when you promote your creations online, social media seems like a bottomless pit that consumes images faster than you can create new ones. How do you find the time to consistently post on so many social media platforms?

  • Floral go-to guide that simplifies your social media to-do list
  • Eye-catching posts for your Website, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • 2 social media platforms that florists can bypass

Coming Up Roses: Find, Sell, And Close Wedding Couples - Ryan O'Neil, Owner, Curate

Expanding your floral business is like growing a garden. You can’t just plant some seeds and hope for the best. You need a proven plan to nurture new leads into sales. It’s easy to say you want to double your sales, but what does your actual sales action plan look like?

  • Prospect and track the cost of acquiring new wedding couples
  • Sales techniques for social and corporate selling
  • 3 things that stand in the way of a quick floral close

Green Thumb: Price For Maximum Floral Profit - Shelley Pearson, Owner, Expressions Of Love Florist

Florists always see green; but this rich hue should not be limited to your centerpieces. Green should be growing in your bank account, too. Pricing a wedding 18 months out can be tricky. How do you make sure you’re not leaving money on the table?

  • What to do when outside forces affect your original proposal
  • Common pricing pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • How much profit you must net from each event