Wedding Officiant Seminars

Faith: Interfaith Religious Ceremonies - Chaplain Royal Carleton

One-third of couples in the United States marry someone of a different religion. Blending traditions and cultures are vital for the ceremony, but the details can get tricky.

  • How to perform a ceremony with two officiants
  • Best ways to include both faiths and families in the planning process
  • Focus on principles that unite both faiths

Rainbow Weddings: Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies - Marie Burns Holzer,Owner, Let's Get Married By Marie

From the processional to the recessional, the ceremony must reflect the unity of the same-sex couple.

  • Gender-neutral ceremony readings
  • Ideas for same-sex wedding vows
  • How to handle parents who don’t approve

I Now Pronounce You: My Officiant - Bethel Nathan, Owner, Elevate By Bethel

You aren’t just another vendor. Officiants form a sacred union between two people. Unlike picking food or flowers, you are forming a lifelong partnership and creating an intimate moment in their lives. Wedding couples have a lot of choices in officiants. How do you get them to pick you?

  • Questions to ask during the first meeting
  • Sales meeting dos and don’ts
  • Clear ceremony communication tips

Tie The Knot: eal Officiant Pricing Strategies That Work - Laura Cannon, International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants

Is it time for a raise, or time to regroup? Your pricing strategy has the potential to make your business soar - or sink. Is it time for a change?

  • Build packages and price them to attract and book the right couples
  • How to handle additional services like rehearsals, travel, and pre-marital counseling
  • Sales tips and techniques that help you consistently CLOSE THE DEAL

I Vow To Do Better: Give Personality To Your Ceremonies - Adam Straney, Owner, The Master Of Ceremony Australia

Wedding ceremonies typically follow a pattern: processional, welcome, readings, vows, kiss, pronouncement, and recessional. But there is no reason you have to adhere to the expected. Throw out the script and start from scratch.

  • Creative ideas for the ceremony schedule
  • Personalize opening and closing remarks

Repeat After Me: Officiant Panel Of Experts - Moderator Clint Hufft, Adam Straney, Bethel Nathan, Alan Katz

Without the officiant it’s just an expensive party. Your job is the most complex of the wedding industry. You can serve as a counselor, religious guide, and planner. This expert panel will give you the fresh ideas to grow your business and keep your sanity.

  • Premarital services
  • Ceremony and vow trends
  • Social media guide for officiants