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Trending Traditions: What's New In Ceremonies - Donna Forsythe, Alan Katz & Clint Hufft

Weddings include some of the most recognizable rituals in our culture. Unity traditions are woven into ceremonies to symbolize the joining of lives, families, and communities.

  • The newest way to exchange vows
  • Themed weddings (beer ceremony, heritage incorporation, and movie inspo)
  • Take guest experiences to the next level

Reporting Live From The Ceremony: Officiant's Guide To Social Media - Bethel Nathan, Owner, Elevate By Bethel

You’ve performed hundreds of ceremonies. How do you promote your officiant skills that are close to perfect? How do you showcase your ceremonies through social media? Social platforms are a bottomless pit that consumes videos and images faster than you can create new ones. What is the most efficient way to consistently post online?

  • Use live video for your officiant business
  • Social media platforms you can live without
  • Engaging content ideas

Vows That Wow: Give Personality To Your Ceremonies - Rev. Dr. Rob Hundley, RevRob

Wedding ceremonies typically follow a pattern: processional, welcome, readings, address, vows, rings, kiss, pronouncement, and recessional. But there is no reason you have to adhere to the expected (or status quo). Toss (or Flip) the script and start from scratch.

  • Creative ideas for the ceremony's order of service
  • Personalize your address with the couple's 'back story'
  • Unique ceremony add-ins that wow

From This Day Forward: Diversifying Your Service Offerings - Marie Burns Holzer, Owner, Let's Get Married by Marie

Now more than ever diversification for officiants is key. From elopements to premarital counseling you can be the one shop ceremony and relationship stop they make on the road to marriage. Are you ready to add premarital counseling education to your packages? Do you have an elopement option in your officiant menu?

  • Marketing and pricing guidance for premarital education
  • Partnering for successful elopements and micro-weddings
  • Selling your writing and MC services

Virtual Officiant: Connect With Your Couples Online - Laura Cannon, International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants

Wedding couples often decide to book based on online marketing. Many relationships are first established virtually, then face-to-face. It’s time to up your online approach. How do you stand out in the growing officiant market?

  • Show up higher on Google rankings
  • Online officiant marketing plans
  • Increase your number of 5 star reviews

Faith: Interfaith Religious Ceremonies - Tim Wilbanks, Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church

One-third of couples in the United States marry a person of a different religion. Blending traditions and cultures are vital for the ceremony, but the details can get tricky.

  • How to perform a ceremony with two officiants
  • Best ways to include both faiths and families in the planning process
  • Focus on the principles that unite both faiths