Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022





Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022



Wedding Officiant Seminars

150 Seminars

For Richer Or For Poorer:Profitable Officiant Price Lists

Bethel Nathan,Owner, Elevate by Bethel

The wedding can’t happen without you. Their marriage literally isn’t official without an officiant. This makes the low fees some officiants charge insulting. How do you know when your prices are too low or too high? Find out how to price for maximum profit.

  • Sample officiant price lists
  • Add value and increase profits
  • Your pricing questions answered live

Forsake All Others:Officiant Marketing Strategies

Maria Romano, Founder, True Love Knots

As an officiant, you are the only wedding-related service that isn’t optional. Couples can get married without the rings, cake, or flowers. But they can’t get married without you. How do you convince the couple that you are their best choice?

  • Paid advertising vs organic SEO
  • Most effective marketing tools for officiants
  • Profitable networking with wedding pros

Officiant Autopilot:Automate Your Officiant Business

Alan Katz, Owner, Great Officiants, WIPA

Some days it feels like you get nothing done. By the time you check your emails, prep for the weekend, and get back to new leads, it’s already 5:00 o’clock. What technologies help you reclaim more hours in your day?

  • Officiant guide to automating
  • Sample contracts, emails, and posts
  • Sales funnel shortcuts

Love Story:Officiants' Guide To Personalized Ceremonies

Mark Allan Groleau, Founder, Unboring!Wedding Academy

Couples want to tell their love story. As an officiant, it’s your job to make their ceremony unique, fun, and personal. This story-writing formula will cut down how much time it takes to develop and produce a customized ceremony.

  • Eight insider tips to guarantee a perfect story
  • Transition phrases that don't feel forced
  • Questions to ask every couple

Officiant Convention:Las Vegas Convention Center

Wedding officiants gather this November 7-9, 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Experience the latest in officiant trends, tech, and sales. Join your colleagues and learn from the industry’s top officiants.

  • 150 wedding seminars
  • 200 exhibits
  • Officiant certification

The Spoken Word:Open Mic Discussion For Officiants

Reverend Clint Hufft, Celebrity Officiant

The entire ceremony is dependent on you. This open mic seminar brings together the best officiants to discuss ideas, problems, and solutions.

  • Latest ceremony ideas
  • Solutions to officiant challenges
  • Referrals and reviews

Power Vested In Me:Dignified Sales Techniques For Officiants

Laura Cannon, President, International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants

Why are less experienced, less talented competitors booking more weddings and commanding a higher price than you do? Because they have better sales skills, and it's time to change that. Get ready to learn some highly effective, but still dignified, sales techniques that you can apply to your business today!

  • Establish your role with potential couples
  • Tips for an effective and flexible sales strategy
  • Beat your competition without acknowledging they exist

Trending Ceremonies:Inspired Ideas For Officiants

Donna Forsythe, Director, Celebrant Academy

The ceremony says a lot about each couple’s personality, beliefs, and relationship. It’s their chance to show who they are and what they value. Learn to craft a custom celebration of their marriage that feels like one-of-a-kind.

  • Ideas for blended religions ceremonies
  • Sample vows that inspire creativity
  • Unique ceremony ideas

Reel Weddings:Create Insta Reels, YouTubeShorts, and TikTok Videos

You don’t have to be Instagram famous to convert social media into real sales. Your micro productions can be fun and inexpensive to create. Get ready to promote your brand to wedding couples by entertaining them with short videos.

  • Simple video techniques and edits
  • Shortcuts for content creation in one recording
  • Insta Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok VIdeos