Wedding Photographer Convention

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Love At First Light: Advanced Lighting Workshop - Vanessa Joy, Owner, Vanessa Joy Photography, Sponsored by Animoto

Why do 100-year-old images from master photographers stand the test of time? Some are because of the subject. Some are because of the pose. But all are because of the lighting. Manipulation of light adds the texture, luminosity, and color you need to make your wedding photos instant classics.

  • Natural light and off-camera flash techniques
  • Shoot softly in harsh sunlight
  • Add dimensionality to ordinary scenes

Flash Edit: How To Edit An Entire Wedding In 3 Hours - Stephen & Summer Gossett, Owners, Noveli Photography

You know when they’ve arrived home from their honeymoon because you received a text asking when the photos will be ready.  What if they received the images before their tan faded and their bags were unpacked?

  • Maximize your editing workflow to accomplish a 3 hour editing goal
  • Quick shooting wedding day tips to make editing a breeze
  • How to break down the culling process and use meta data to protect your images and help your SEO

Shutter Shock: Price List Templates From Real Photographers - Mark Zucker, Founder & CEO, Zookbinders

How much do you really make per hour? Do you count the many hours of post-processing work? Many photographers are shocked when they do the math. Pricing photography packages is more challenging than pricing products like food or flowers. Which wedding markets can bear more aggressive pricing? How do you price wedding packages for multiple photographers?

  • Best ways to monitor and raise your prices
  • Profitability cheat sheet
  • Market test new photography services and prices

Geared Up: New Must-Have Camera Features For 2020 - William Innes, Owner, William Innes Photography

We get it. What’s in your camera bag does not define you as a photographer, but it sure makes your job easier when you have the right tools for every situation. With new cameras and accessories being released at record speed, it’s hard to keep up, let alone decide what to spend your money on.

  • When to skimp and when to spend
  • Equipment that separates you from a hobbyist
  • Gear developments for 2020 and beyond

Poser: Award-Winning Location And Posing Techniques - Sal Cincotta, Owner, Creative Cinc

Not every ceremony provides the backdrop of the Four Seasons on Maui. Not every bride or groom is a professional model. What do you do when shooting locales and subjects are not ideal?

  • How to uncover unusual engagement locations
  • Dealing with scene clutter and poor natural light
  • Tips that turn any subject into a posing pro

Modern Exposure: Close Sales Through Social Media - Leah Faddis and Marcella Caldwell Co-Owners Leah Marie Photography

Successful photographers have one thing in common, they stay relevant. Social media gets you in front of your audience consistently. Each image gives you exposure to your potential customers and peers within the wedding industry.

  • Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram tips
  • Tags, keywords, and influencers that get your photography business noticed
  • Mistakes for social media branding with your images