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Flash Sale: Find And Book Couples With Social Media - Sal Cincotta, Owner Salvatore Cincotta Photography

Photographers have more visual content to share than any other wedding pro. Are you converting enough of your followers into customers?

  • Social sales techniques for photographers
  • Qualify your prospects with these keywords and phrases
  • 5 ways to engage with your customers authentically

F Stop: Overcoming Photography Objections

Can you shoot just the ceremony? Why can’t I have all the digital files? Do I have to pay to get these edited? Why are other photographers less expensive? Handle photography objections and close the sale.

  • Step-by-step guide to overcome common objections
  • Words you should never use when you discuss price
  • Handle objections online, over the phone, or in person

Dream Maker: Light And Airy Wedding Imagery

Bloggers and wedding couples go gaga over dreamy images. Make your photos feel so light and airy they might just float away.

  • Posing, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed to create a modern image
  • Next year's photo trends and how to master them
  • Post-production editing to establish a cohesive look

Light The Way: Best Use Of LED, Flash, And Ambient

You love shooting on overcast days with soft light. But not all outdoor weddings cooperate with your lighting masterplan. Get aggressive with your lighting techniques, even when it feels like the sun itself is out to get you.

  • Light that makes everyone look good
  • New technology to make your life easier and not blow your budget
  • Light modifiers, natural light, hard light adjustments, and off-camera flash

Exposure: The Dark Side Of Wedding Photography - Vanessa Joy, Owner, Vanessa Joy Photography

Before you started your business, no one told you how many nights you would be up working until 2:00 am. You didn’t expect to have so many competitors. It is still a surprise that some couples expect their photos back 48 hours after they say "I do." You are so tired of defending your prices. Can you learn to love your photography business all over again?

  • Redefine customer expectations with legal and verbal tips
  • Workflow efficiency that gives you back your free time
  • Refresh your artistry

Fast And Furious: Speed Editing Shortcuts

If you’re like most photographers, you love to shoot amazing images. But you could do without the tedious process of organizing and editing. Would you like to fly through the post-production process?

  • Cull, organize, and edit in half the time
  • Editing shortcuts that produce flawless photos
  • Common editing mistakes