Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022





Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Concludes Wednesday, November 9, 2022



Wedding Planner Seminars

150 Seminars

Time After Time:Cutting Edge Timelines For Planners

Impromptu plans only work for teens and vacations. Professional planners live by the timelines they create. Putting together a solid day of schedule can be frustrating and confusing. Stop overthinking and start creating simple timelines for complex weddings.

  • Smart timelines for busy planners
  • Flexible software that really works
  • Top planner timeline templates

Collision Course:Wedding Fails And How To Avoid Them

Terrica, Chief Event Planner & Designer, Cocktails & Details

The meteorologist was wrong. The only road to the ceremony is blocked. The bride is having a panic attack. The officiant is at the wrong venue. The ring dog has gone rogue. It’s only funny when it happens to someone else. Not every wedding is flawless; prepare for the unexpected.

  • Tested planner playbook
  • What not to say in times of crisis
  • Damage control for total meltdowns

Planner Portfolio:Guide To Up Your Planner Brand

Rene Dalo, Wedding Planner, Educator, Public Speaker, and Podcast Host, Moxie Bright Events, WIPA

Achieve distinction by design. Thoughtful portfolios can turn every wedding interaction into a branding opportunity. Turn heads in an increasingly competitive industry.

  • Branding through website, Insta, TikTok, and digital literature
  • Up your visual IQ and planner brand aesthetic
  • Guide to create a polished planner portfolio

In Style:Planner’s Guide To Styled Shoots

The ideal wedding to feature in your marketing rarely happens in real life. Why not create your own? Create the perfect wedding theme. Pick the colors, flowers, dresses, and decor. Styled shoots tell a perfectly-curated story that shows off your design brilliance with dazzling images that attract new wedding couples.

  • Theme, location, models, and dream board ideas
  • Tips to improve the leaders in your market
  • Best platforms to showcase your images

Lead Planner:The Design For High-Quality Inquiries

Sarah Chancey, Founder, Chancey Charm LLC

Chaos and clutter are not in your vocabulary. Everything in your life is planned, organized, and completed. But if your ideal wedding couples don’t know you exist, then all this planning is for naught.

  • Media kit step by step guide
  • Attract better quality leads
  • Stylized shoots, reviews, and venue partnerships

Trendsetter:Next Year's Emerging Wedding Designs

Andrea Eppolito, Owner, Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events

The wedding boom is here. From top-tier event planners, we have the insider’s guide for what’s over and out…what’s up and coming.

  • High tech wedding touches
  • Sophisticated themed weddings full of whimsy
  • Fashion forward tablescapes and florals

Big Little Lies:Hidden Reasons They Didn't Choose You

Megan Gillikin, Owner, Weddings For Real/Planners Vault

Is it something you said? Your website? Your price list? Your shoes? You have no idea. The first meeting went well, but then they ghosted you. You are so immersed in your planner business that it’s hard to stay unbiased.

  • Insight from real wedding couples
  • Actionable tips to prevent ghosting
  • Behavioral insights to use for closing more sales

Planner Price List:Price For Maximum Profit

Brandee Gaar, Owner/Lead Designer, Blush by Brandee Gaar

A planner’s experience is priceless. But how do you establish your value? Just researching your competition is not enough. Uncover the factors that give you the pricing power to charge what you are worth.

  • Real price lists from planners
  • Do month-of packages make sense
  • Simple equations to figure your per-wedding profit

Top Tier Weddings:Navigating The Lux Market

Paulina Corvi, Founder & CEO, Events by Paulina

Luxury weddings are not just about a big spend. Luxury is found in the way your run your business. Clients that have lux weddings strive for perfection, creativity, and elaborate customization.

  • Market yourself as a luxury planner
  • Five things high end clients won't do without
  • Referral sources