Wedding Planner Seminars

Wedding Planner Seminars

Stranger Things: Bizarre Wedding Requests - Sasha Souza, Celebrity Event Designer And Author

Exact pantone color numbers.  A cascading bouquet down to her ankles ($500 limit). Gluten-free cake, beeswax candles, and Clydesdale horses.  Oh, and you must specify Black Tie Creative Attire on the invitations.

  • Best strategies to bring your couples back to earth
  • When to encourage outrageous requests
  • Boost creative ideas without setting unrealistic expectations

Planner Wars: Who's In Charge Of This Wedding - Emily Sullivan, Owner And Lead Destination Planner

She wants her best friend to design the flowers and her aunt to make the cake.  They expect their wedding to look like a professional put it together, but push you to use non-professionals.

  • How regain control of the process
  • Steps to achieve a realistic consensus
  • What to do when they insist on using non-pros

Into The Storm: Dealing With Difficult Brides - Dee Gaubert, Owner, No Worries Event Planning

The M.O.B. that sends last minute changes that are impossible to pull off. A wedding pro that expects you to do their job. The wedding couple that demand their money back after you delivered your product. In the wedding industry there is no shortage of difficult people. How do you deal?

  • Hostility clause to add to your contract now
  • Language to use that will calm the storm
  • Action plans with quick resolutions

Sunrise Sunset: Day-Of Coordination Myths - Renee Dalo, Owner And Lead Planner, Moxie Bright Events

Seasoned wedding planners know there is no such thing as simple day-of coordination, but some couples still ask for it.  Should you say yes?

  • When to offer abbreviated planning services
  • How to increase profits from day-of-contracts
  • Day-of coordination pitfalls and solutions

Reception Obsession: Surprising Trends For Next Year - Andrea Eppolito, Owner, Andrea Eppolito Events

Wedding design gurus already have their fingers on the pulse of next year’s hottest wedding trends.  Jump ahead of your competition with the latest inspirations.

  • Tabletop textures and colors
  • Creative guest experiences
  • The return of uber-elegance

Supercharge Your Planner Sales: Wedding Planner Sales Tips - Brit Bertino, Owner, Brit Bertino event excellence And Totty Belt

There is no shortage of competition in the wedding industry. You need to stand out from the crowd. And with only 19% of weddings that hire a professional planner, lead generation is paramount.

  • Find qualified couples immediately after the proposal
  • Sales scripts that differentiate your services
  • Increase your closing ratio

Celebrations by David Tutera: David Tutera Celebrity Wedding Planner

David Tutera is hailed as an artistic visionary whose ability, uniquely creative talents, and outstanding reputation have made him a tremendous success. David has created a name for himself by taking his passion for designing spectacular events and transforming them into a lifestyle.

  • Follow David's extraordinary story
  • How he created a name for himself
  • Designing spectacular events