Wedding Planner Seminars

Needle In The Haystack: Reach The Couples Who Hire Planners - Terrica, Chief Planner & Designer, Cocktails & Details

Planners who advertise to the general public waste 99% of their money. That’s because less than 1% of the population hires a wedding planner each year. How do you reach just wedding couples and not break your advertising budget?

  • Instagram, Facebook, and Google organic leads vs. paid ads
  • How to befriend and profit from your local gown shops
  • Why wedding shows can be your best friend

The Visionary Planner: Wedding Trends For 2020 - Andrea Eppolito, Owner, Andrea Eppolito Weddings and Events

What do weddings and fashion have in common? Both have a wandering eye and are always ready to move on to the next hot thing. What’s in today is passé tomorrow. Discover celebrity planner ideas your couples will clamor for next year.

  • Undiscovered color and texture combos
  • New takes on luxury vintage, theatre inspo, and bespoke design
  • Outdoor elements that thrive indoors

Matchmaker: Pair The Right Vendors With Each Couple - Angela Proffitt, Event & Productivity Consultant

Wilted flowers. Grilled entrées that are served cold. A no-show minister. The wedding couple is furious. Not because of your timeline or style skills. Because of another wedding pro that you recommended. Even when it’s not your fault, they blame you.

  • How to cover yourself if your vendors fail
  • When to fire someone from your referral list
  • Psychology tips to match the right vendor with each couple’s personality

It's Not Your Fault: But It's Your Problem - Donna Anello, President/CEO, Donna Anello Signature Events

You’ve spent months carefully planning this over the top garden wedding. Now a sudden storm is moving in. The DJ texts that he has laryngitis. The rental company delivered the wrong chairs and can’t be reached. The ring bear knocked over the cake. It’s not your fault… but it’s your problem.

  • Strategic step by step plan for disaster
  • Stories and solutions
  • How to talk to the bride without causing hysteria

Midnight Madness: Set Boundaries With Your Couples - Sasha Souza, Owner, Sasha Souza's Consultancy for Creatives

Everyone says you should make your business more customer-centered. But what if she threatens, harrasses, or constantly yells? How do you deal with midnight phone calls? Where do you draw the line?

  • Expectation checklist
  • Verbage to take her off the ceiling
  • When you should say no

Uncoordinated: Convince Couples To Hire A Professional Planner - Renee Dalo, Owner and Lead Planner, Moxie Bright Events

There is no shortage of wedding planners. But your biggest competitor isn't the planner down the street... it’s her best friend Emily, venue coordinator Jessica, or DJ Chris. The ultimate threat is not hiring a planner at all. Show them how you will fight for their wedding vision and keep everything on track.

  • Tested sales scripts and email templates
  • Tips to explain the difference between independent planners and venue planners
  • Marketing mistakes planners make and how to avoid them