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Glamification: Adorn Your Social Media Planner Image - Megan Gillikin, Owner, A Southern Soiree Wedding & Event Planning

As a wedding planner, your image is all you’ve got. Each picture you take public tells a story about your company. Are you are sending the right visual cues to your potential wedding couples? How is your online image perceived by your customers?

  • Real planners' social media posts and case studies
  • Small social media adjustments that make a big impact
  • Social media platforms that yield the most wedding bookings

Taking Care Of Business: Expand To Corporate Event Planning Terrica, Chief Planner & Designer, Cocktails & Details

Many planners fill up their Saturdays, but struggle to book events on the other days. If your weekdays are empty, your planner business is leaving money on the table.

  • Market your planning services for holiday, office, mitzvahs, and corporate parties
  • Be the preferred choice for charity events in your area
  • Best ways to connect with key corporate decision makers

Luxe And Bucks: The Secret To High-End Wedding Planning

Some planners think finding high-end weddings in their area is rarer than a mermaid sighting. But as more online planning resources become available, the lower-end DIYers are less likely to use a professional. Long term, a successful planning business will stick with the luxe groups that always hire a planner.

  • High-end wedding planning prospecting
  • Find your high-end niche in any market
  • Dos and don'ts to find and book big budget weddings

Scary Wedding Stories: Wedding Planner Nightmares Planning - Renee Dalo, Owner and Lead Planner, Moxie Bright Events

You wake up in a cold sweat after a night of fitful sleep. Did the caterer increase the guest count after the latest wave of RSVPs? Was the florist able to match the cantaloupe accent color for the centerpieces? Did the venue remove the ugly wall hangings from the entryway? You have your plan together. What about everyone else?

  • What to do if the wedding couple that keeps changing their minds
  • Fixes for both big and small nightmares
  • How to show them that you're the boss

Planner Preview: The Next Florals, Installs, And Linens - Andrea Eppolito, Owner, Andrea Eppolito Wedding and Events

Designs are getting bigger and more extravagant for next year. It’s time to put Pinterest away and construct a dream of your own.

  • The hottest florals and linen pairings
  • Affordable designer-quality installs
  • Details that grab their attention

Coordinated Marketing: Modern Branding And Sales For Wedding Planners

From choosing the venue to the napkin rings, your weddings are stylishly coordinated. Do your marketing efforts look as chic?

  • Online branding mistakes to avoid
  • Literature, websites, business cards, and social posts
  • Seize control the first meeting and book the sale