Wedding Venue Seminars

Wedding Venue Seminars

Follow Me: - Social Media Influences For Venues - Wedding Venue Speaker

She has 39 unread emails, a demanding boss, and a workaholic fiancé. The only sane way she can pick her venue is online. The right social media narrative for your venue weaves together testimonials, visual eye candy, and current weddings.

  • Capture and post better Instagram photos and videos
  • Turn real weddings into real content for social media
  • Effective ways to stage and use testimonials for your venue

Demanding Couples: - Top 10 Things Couples Want From Your Venue - Wedding Venue Speaker

Choosing the reception venue is a big deal. Your venue not only sets the tone, you may be their largest wedding budget item. The process overwhelms many brides and grooms. Get inside their psyche and predict what their sales holdups can be.

  • Price lists: add-ons, all-inclusive options, and à la carte examples
  • Which info to include (and exclude) on your website and marketing materials
  • The number one reason they don’t pick your venue

Sales Storm: - Your Venue Sales Funnel - Wedding Venue Speaker

It’s midnight and a serious lead comes through your website requesting more info on your venue. How do you respond to them? As the sales landscape for obtaining info changes, so do the priorities of wedding couples.

  • Effectively automate the first steps of your sales process
  • Buyer psychology that primes your couples before they tour your property
  • Sales tips to encourage fast and effortless bookings

Danger Zone: - Venue Worst-Case Scenarios And Solutions - Wedding Venue Speaker

Danger! It lurks in every corner. Lawsuits, no-shows, choking, stolen items, drugs, fights, heart attacks, snow storms, declined credit cards. For the first time ever, four experts will walk you through what to do when everything goes wrong.

  • Life-saving demo led by a paramedic
  • Money saving clauses lead by a lawyer
  • Sanity-saving tips from a psychologist

Venue Fixation: - Stay Competitive With These Simple Updates - Wedding Venue Speaker

Immediately after they’re engaged, wedding couples come looking for you. The venue is the most visually prominent element of their wedding day. Combine high style meets functionality to increase your bookings.

  • Clear tents, creative dance floors, and Lucite details
  • Smart seating for the ceremony and reception
  • Acclimate to smaller guest lists without remodeling

No Vacancy: - Complete Your Calendar With Corporate Events - Wedding Venue Speaker

Relying solely on weddings leaves your venue vulnerable to economic uncertainty. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Diversify into corporate and charity markets to boost your venue credibility and profits.

  • How to find and sell to corporate decision-makers
  • Marketing playbook for corporate and charity
  • Leverage high-profile events to increase your total venue bookings