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Full House: Vendor Partnerships, Open Houses, And Referrals - BB Webb Founder Carl House, Executive Business Coach, Speaker, Author

Some days you feel like everybody wants a piece of you. More specifically, they want to piggy-back your success. Couples can’t set a wedding date until they secure a venue. As the first service they book, you are the Wedding Industry MVP. How do you leverage your venue’s apex position into a win-win marketing arm for select vendors?

  • Contracts for strategic vendor partnerships
  • How to fire an underperforming preferred vendor
  • Leveraging open houses that serve as micro wedding expos

Demanding Couples: Top 5 Things They Want From Your Wedding Venue - Abigail Olaya, Owner, Venue at the Grove and Olaya Design and Company

Picking a venue is a big deal. It sets the tone and it can be the largest wedding expense. The process can be overwhelming for most brides and grooms. Get inside their psyche and predict what their sales holdups can be.

  • Price lists: add ons, all-inclusive options, and ala carte examples
  • Necessary but often overlooked communication
  • The number one reason they don’t pick your venue

Sales Storm: Ice Out The Venue Competition - Julia Henning, VP of Sales and Marketing Wedgewood

Booking a venue is hard. Wedding couples are indecisive and picky. Budgets are tight, competition is fierce, and expectations are high. Step up your sales game with these innovative strategies.

  • Overcome objections
  • Proven sales tips for the venue tour
  • Best timeline for upsells and add-ons

Venue Fixation: Stay Competitive With These Simple Updates - Dana Kadwell & Courtney Hopper, The Bradford

Immediately after they’re engaged, wedding couples come looking for you. The venue is the most visually prominent element of their wedding day. Combine high style meets functionality to increase your bookings.

  • Clear tents, creative dance floors, and Lucite details
  • Smart seating for the ceremony and reception
  • Acclimate to smaller guest lists without remodeling

Venue Virtue: Turn Customer Service Up To Eleven - Bill Zaruka, Owner, Wedgewood

Superior customer service at your venue helps you sell more, sell faster, and sell without hesitation. Customer experiences can be inconsistent. Don’t leave your success to chance. Implement a customer service system that wins (even when your salespeople have a bad day).

  • Venue feedback, incentives, and productivity games
  • What couples really want in their venue
  • What to do when you get a customer complaint

Venue Confidential: Secret Solutions To Your Biggest Venue Problems - Panel Speakers, Fred Jacob, Alicia Crosby, Audrey Nelson, Ian Ramirez, BB Webb

You get blamed for everything. Other wedding pros and couples think you are controlling. They don't understand that any misstep reflects on your venue. Ask our elite panel of experts for their proven solutions for everything that's vexing your venue.

  • Your venue questions answered live on stage
  • Open houses, bridal shows, tours, and live events
  • Solutions to venue problems big and small