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Sold: Real Closing Techniques for Wedding Venues During Difficult Times - Alan Berg CSP, Global Speaking Fellow

If they don’t choose your venue, you could lose thousands. To stay out of the red, you must sharpen your sales skills.

  • When objections are buying signals, and how to handle them
  • Closing skills at wedding expos, open houses, and venue tours
  • Help your couples avoid decision paralysis

The Good Place: Social Media That Wins Virtual And In Person Site Visits - Kinsey Roberts, Host, She Creates Business

Your wedding couples swoon over many ‘Gram-worthy wedding locations before they set up a venue tour. Not only are they trying to impress their guests, they also strive to make their followers drool. Level up the social media wow factor at your venue with these simple fixes.

  • Consistent visual branding tips
  • Social media that turns likes into sales
  • A how-to guide to organize and execute your posts

No Vacancy: Events That Fill Your Weekdays - Shannon Tarrant, Founder, Wedding Venue Map

Most venues fill up their Saturdays, but struggle to book events on the other days. If the rest of your week isn’t filled, your venue is leaving money behind.

  • How-to guide for corporate packages in wedding venue spaces
  • Market to more than just engaged couples
  • Curate an email list to stay connected

Marketing For Venues: Venue Marketing Secrets You Wish You Knew - Scott Crumpton, Owner, White Stone Marketing

Are you tired of wasting money on venue advertising that doesn’t work? Want to know your competitors’ marketing secrets?

  • Target your limited marketing budget for maximum revenue
  • Track your marketing campaigns like a pro
  • Eliminating the marketing initiatives that are draining your pocketbook

The Amazing Venue Race: Profit More With Fewer Weddings - Dona Liston, Owner, Lambermont Events

Owning a venue is expensive; you have to pay your staff, suppliers, and property maintenance before you pay yourself. When there are many choices for venues and fewer overall weddings, the odds might be against you. Get ready to win more weddings.

  • Net more revenue from each wedding
  • Maintain your prices in a competitive market
  • Venue tours that ensure bookings

The Pandemic Plan: Owning A Venue Just Got Real - Bill Zaruka, President, Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet

Owning a venue has never been easy...but the last 9 months have been brutal. It’s time to get real and discuss the 10 Ps of the pandemic and how it has impacted wedding venues.

  • Handle postponements, delayed, or delinquent payments
  • How to better prepare for any crisis
  • Ways to thrive after the pandemic

Venue Questions And Answers: Your Problem Solved - Bill Zaruka, President, Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet

Venues right now have more questions than ever before. After hearing from venues across the country we have compiled a list of venue questions including: marketing, sales, pricing, design, food, compensation, finance, customer service, and hiring. No venue topic is off limits.

  • Maximize the number of booked events for 2021
  • Increase revenue per event
  • The 10 most common venue questions answered